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RHOD Recap: Face To Two Face [Episode 3]

I think it is safe to say that Dallas is way more entertaining than OC this season, I just hope that the ratings would reflect that because this season is amazing!

We started off with Stephanie planning a Halloween party. She said that because Travis spent millions on a house, she would spent thousands on the party. Mmm, is this a Joe and Teresa situation? I do not think this is a healthy marriage. I like Stephanie but she needs to work on her relationship with Travis pronto. Another marriage that needs work is Kameron and her husband. Damn, I can't even remember his name! Everytime she speaks he looks like he wants to die and what's up with him shutting down the pink dog food idea? I am getting serious Michael Wainstein vibes from this little man!

D'Andra was also dealing with the drama of having step children. I have SO much love for this newbie and I died when her stepson was low-key rude to her. By the way, that closet puts Lisa Vanderpump to shame. My jaw DROPPED when I saw that room. Damn. I have no words. I also love her husband. Basically, I want D'Andra's life!

We finally got to see Brandi and Stephanie sit down to talk about their issues. Finally. I feel like this whole situation was just miscommunication. The two besties talked out their issues and I was still #TeamBrandi. I know she should of answered one of Steph's calls but she was hurt. Their beef was also more than just a blog post. We all know that Stephanie was doing some shady stuff behind the scenes that triggered Brandi off. They both cried together and Brandi got snort in Steph's hair. Aw if this isn't a true trademark of their friendship I don't know what is. It was so good to see them go back to normal after such a big split.

The most eye opening thing in this whole episode was hearing about Brandi's miscarriage. My jaw dropped all the way to the ground. I was beyond shocked. I just felt so bad that she had to go through such a tragic experience. Maybe that had something to do with why she wasn't ready to talk to Stephanie. All I can say is that I was heartbroken for Brandi and her family.

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Photo Credit: Bravo