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RHOC Recap: Un-Noble Women [Episode 7]

Friendly reminder that we are 7 EPISODES in and I feel like this whole season has been the same episode on replay every week. Think about it, every week Vicki plays with her grandkids, Tamra talks about Sidney, Shannon says she's fat, Meghan talks about that baby, Lydia tries to advertise her magazine and Peggy gets phrases wrong. I mean it is like groundhog day! The OC ladies are known for their craziness so I really need them to step it up this season!

We started off (again) with Vicki playing with her grandkids. The one thing I don't understand is how Vicki is able to have such a well rounded life even though we all know she's horrible. I've said it before and I'll say it again, Vicki Gunvalson is AMAZING reality TV but that doesn't make her a good person. So I'm just confused as to how she can be so messy but then have amazing people like Briana and Steve in her life when, to be honest she is on more of a Brooks level. Also every time Vicki talks about sex with Michael I want to be physically sick.

Tamra and her mom talked about Sidney and how it feels like a death. I sympathise because it must be hard and when Tamra said their relationship was getting better I physically cringed because we all saw Sidney's Facebook rant. I actually have genuine hope that Tamra can have a relationship with Sidney because this has gone on for way to long! It's also been a convenient way for Gretchen to get her orange back. Mmm.

Shannon tried to cook a healthy meal which was literally juxtaposed with the sound of crunching chips in David's mouth. The mess. Shannon also announced that she is opening a restaurant while her kids were talking about how bad her cooking is, which is probably not the best advertisement. HA! I love Shannon and her family which is why I was happy when her daughters popped up with their own confessionals. Yes! However I was not so thrilled when Peggy's daughters popped up with their own confessionals. What? Peggy is boring enough so I have NO idea how her daughters deserve a confessional, I mean are they trying to be the Kardashians 2.0. Eh.

Meghan literally added nothing this week expect a really bad Shannon Beador impression. She needs to hand that orange back RIGHT NOW, watching her on TV gives me a headache. Speaking of headaches: Kelly and Michael's marriage. I LOVE Kelly Dodd but watching this scene just made me realise how hard it would be, to be married to either of them. I mean everything Michael said Kelly was attacking. Last season I said I could smell a divorce, but if they are still together after last years shit show, I don't think they are separating anytime soon. My favourite part of the episode was when I realised that Michael is closer in age with Kelly's mom than he is with Kelly, I mean DAMN! Eye opening.

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