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RHOC Recap: The Sip-N-See Stand Off [Episode 6]

Another lukewarm episode. The sixth episode of the season has rolled around and we've finally got all 7 ladies in the same room - well sort of. We started with Vicki and Steve "looking after" the grandkids. I do like these two together, I mean even Tom D'Agostino is a step up from Brooks but I don't think that Vicki deserves Steve. Steve seems like a really nice suburban guy and Vicki is, to put it gently - the devil. Don't get me wrong, I love Vicki but you don't spend 10 years on reality TV if your a good person.

Meghan and her weird cousin/nanny called Peggy about the Sip-N-See and had the weirdest phone conversation of all time. The phone fell off the table because of the vibrations and Peggy joked she wanted to send Meghan to the apple store, which was met with silence. I don't know if its the cultural barrier or if Peggy is just awkward but every time she tries to "make a joke" it falls flat, especially with Meghan. We all know how I feel about Meghan (see: last weeks recap!) Lydia and her husband are preparing for their magazine launch and don't want to invite the girls because of the drama. I have a solution. Maybe don't go on The Real Housewives of Orange County if you don't want the drama, that is like Shannon going to McDonalds and not wanting to gain weight - it's inevitable.

The juxtaposition between Shannon and Tamra/ Vicki and Kelly shopping for baby presents in two different stores was smart on the producers part. Both of these friendships are like a bad chick flick - that I would watch, don't get me wrong! I don't understand how Vicki and Kelly are friends. Vicki is so conservative and serious compared to Kelly who wants to talk about her vibrator in a kids store. By the way how many empty kids stores can there be in Orange County? Shannon said that Kelly is the only person that makes her react but Bravo had the receipts in the form of flashbacks. I love a good flashback, especially when it shows Shannon yelling "I'm fucking done!" There is nothing better. Shannon wanted to squash her beef with Kelly before the Sip-N-See so she agreed for a sit down.

Later that day Shannon, Kelly and Tamra all sat down and "resolved" their issues. This episode was very flashback heavy, which I am so into. Who knows if this truce will last but I'm actually excited to see Shannon and Kelly be friends. Literally the second after they decided to move on Kelly said that she "feels bad for Vicki". One of my favourite things in life is to look at Tamra and Shannon's faces when someone is even remotely a Vicki sympathiser. They look like they want to throw up, cry and punch you all at the same time. The thing that makes me think the truce won't last is because Kelly ran straight back to Vicki and said that Shannon blames her for her weight which caused Vicki to screech like a little pig. Also Vicki where is your "evidence" about David hitting Shannon? I wanna see it!

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