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Peggy Sulahian Responds To Claims That She Banned Her Brother From Their Father’s Funeral For Being Gay And Denies Being Homophobic!

Peggy Sulahian is setting the record straight about recent allegations made by her brother Pol' Atteu and his friends. The Real Housewives of Orange County star took to Twitter to shut down recent reports claiming that she's homophobic and that she banned her brother and his partner Patrick Simpson from attending their father's funeral for being gay.

When Sulahian's religion was accused of being homophobic, Peggy replied: "I'm Christina. Armenians were the first to accept Christianity."

Then, Peggy addressed recent reports about her banning her brother from their father's funeral for being gay.

When many fans wanted more details surrounding the accusations of her being homophobic, Peggy responded: "These articles are far from being true. My family and I support love of all kind. Don't believe this crazy nonsense people create."

Meanwhile, Peggy's brother's credibility has been in question after Pol and his partner Patrick, who are owners of Network International Models & Talent Agency are accused of unlawfully charging the parents of an underage child for photos and fees. Their agency has been charged with seven criminal counts by the L.A. City Attorney. According to a court clerk via All About The Tea, their arraignment is scheduled for August 8 and the prosecutor is aggressively pursuing the case.  For full details CLICK HERE courtesy via All About The Tea!

Meanwhile, Kyle Richards' mother-in-law, Dr. Estella Sneider, mother of Mauricio Umansky accuses Peggy of being homophobic in a recent post she shared on her Facebook page. "@Andy @Bravotv @Evolution Huffington Post #BravoPR GLAAD @GLAAD #LGBTQ COMMUNITY @NOH8 NOH8 Campaign “I have known Peggy’s family since 1974 when they first came to this country,” Los Angeles attorney #EileenKeussayan said. “And I did attend Peggy’s father’s funeral last year. Her and her husband Diko made it known that her brother Pol’ and his fiancé Patrik were not welcome because they are gay.”"

These past few days, Dr. Estella Sneider has shared multiple reports about Peggy, accusing her of banning her brother from their father's funeral and accusing Peggy of being homophobic. Take a look below!

Photo Credit: Bravo