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Peggy Sulahian Allegedly Banned Brother From Their Father’s Funeral For Being Gay!

According to multiple sources, Real Housewives of Orange County newbie Peggy Sulahian is “extremely homophobic” and allegedly turned her back on her own brother, Pol’ Atteu, and his fiancé, Patrik Simpson, simply for being gay.

Sulahian apparently attempted to ban Atteu and Simpson from their father’s funeral last year, an insiders revealed.

“Peggy did not even tell her brother that their father was dying, and he did not know until he was already dead. She did not want him coming to see him at the hospital because he is gay and it literally broke her brother’s heart,” a source close to Sulahian told Radar Online.

“When Peggy and Pol’s father died, Peggy called him and Patrik and told them not to come to the funeral. She said that her and her family do not want ‘his kind’ there, and that if they did come, they would be kicked out.”

The source said Atteu and Simpson arrived to the memorial regardless, though Sulahian’s husband Diko tried to remove them.

The funeral feud is just the tip of the iceberg in the nasty family war, the insider told Radar.

“Peggy does not accept gays or the gay lifestyle and told her own brother that he and Patrik are not welcome around her kids,” the source continued. Her whole family image is an act.”

“The real sad part about all of this is that Peggy’s mother and father both accepted their son as being gay. She is the one who turned her back on him, and she is terrified that people will find out. The whole situation is just so heartbreaking.”

A close friend of Peggy's family,  shared details what went down at their father's funeral.

“I have known Peggy’s family since 1974 when they first came to this country,” Los Angeles attorney Eileen Keussayan told Radar Online. “And I did attend Peggy’s father’s funeral last year. Her and her husband Diko made it known that her brother Pol’ and his fiancé Patrik were not welcome because they are gay.”

“I went with Pol’ to the funeral for support so that he could say goodbye to his father. But as soon as we got there, they told us to leave. It was so sad!”

A church employee then attempted to get the group inside, but were immediately shut down.

“When we tried to get back in, Peggy tried to have us thrown out, and they slammed the door on our face!”

Fortunately for Atteu and longtime fiancé Patrik Simpson, Keussayan made sure that they were able to pay respects with the help of several other close friends.

“They knew that I was going to bring Patrik with me to the funeral. Once inside, I would not let go of Patrik’s arm. Several of our friends created a barrier. I walked down past the people and I sat him down in the front row. The whole thing was just horrific! She is homophobic!”

But Keussayan is not the only one who wanted to speak out against the alleged injustice.

Dr. Estella Sneider has known the family for almost a decade, and revealed that she, too, was shocked by Sulahian’s actions.

“I was at the funeral as well and could not believe what I witnessed! It was beyond horrific and extremely heartbreaking. I was there for my friend and I could not believe how he was treated when he was there to say goodbye to his father,” Dr. Sneider said.

Atteu, a well-known celebrity fashion designer and owner of Pol’ Atteu Haute Couture In Beverly Hills, California, and his life-long partner Simpson, gave Radar Online an statement: “Unfortunately it is all true. She is extremely homophobic and, yes, it is heartbreaking.”

Photo Credit: Google Images