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Meghan King Edmonds Reveals That She Can’t Wait To Have More Children!

Meghan King Edmonds opens up about how motherhood has changed her, and how she is ready for another baby. “Yeah, I want to be pregnant again. I love being a mom and if it was up to me, I’d have like five babies!” The Real Housewives of Orange County star told Us Weekly.

“We can’t try in the traditional sense because I did IVF. We’re definitely talking about doing it again.” If you recall, fans of the Bravo hit reality show watched her go through IVF and know it wasn’t an easy journey for her. Meghan and her husband, Jim Edmonds, welcomed their baby girl, Aspen, in November of 2016.

“When the baby was newborn, I basically just wanted to kill my husband. I wanted him to move out forever at that point. I just didn’t want to see him. He was helpful, but in my hormonal brain, I was just like ‘I got this,’ but I didn’t.” Now that Aspen is nine months old, her married life is “stronger than ever.” She said, “We have this new found respect for each other. Its almost like we fell in love all over again.”

Would Edmonds allow her daughter or four step-children to be on Housewives? “I would just really hope they have very thick skin. It can be a lot to watch the playback and the viewers’ responses. I would just really hope they would be strong enough to handle that. Otherwise I would say run the other way as fast as you can!”

Photo Credit: Bravo