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Meghan King Edmonds Gets Candid About Her Issues With ‘Weird’ Peggy Sulahian And Admits That She Regrets Bringing Kelly Dodd On RHOC!

Meghan King Edmonds is teasing what fans can expect about the upcoming explosive fights on the current season of The Real Housewives of Orange County. Also the new mommy makes a shocking revelations about co-star Kelly Dodd, saying she regrets bringing her into the Bravo hit reality series.

If you recall, when Kelly Dodd joined RHOC in season 11, she was introduced as Meghan King Edmonds' friend. But with all that's happened between then and now—their relationship is circling the drain. It's gotten so bad between the two that Meghan's now admitting that she regrets bringing Dodd to the show.

"Yeah, totally," she told E! News when asked if she had any regrets about Kelly. "I think Kelly has a lot of great attributes. Unfortunately, I think those great attributes are completely overshadowed by her nastiness. She just can be so nasty and I don't like that, and I don't understand it. I wish she could separate the two because when she is good, she is so good...but when she's bad, it's like you just forget about all the good stuff. It makes me sad to see my friends hurt by Kelly. That's hard for me to see."

Meghan also is talks about her issues with new cast member Peggy Sulahian. "I thought she was fixing my lip gloss. Swear to God," Meghan said of Peggy putting her finger to her lips to shut her up. "Who does that without fixing your lip gloss, right? I thought, 'Oh, this is nice. She doesn't even know me and she's fixing my lip gloss. This is sweet of her.' No, she was trying to shut me up. She doesn't even know me and she's trying to shut me up."

In fact, Meghan admitted that throughout the course of filming, she never felt a connection with the new woman in the group at all. "Yeah, Peggy's just weird. I don't know Peggy. I like to watch the show and try to get to know her because I seriously never got to know Peggy throughout the last five months," she said. "I can't relate to her, we can't have a conversation. I just don't get her."

Photo Credit: Bravo