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Lydia McLaughlin: “When I Saw Vicki Coming Late And Leaving Early, I Felt Badly”

Lydia McLaughlin is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County. Lydia McLaughlin explains why she felt bad for Vicki Gunvalson during her Nobleman Magazine launch party.

Lydia writes:

"Birthdays are a big deal for me. I grew up celebrating birthdays in a big way and this is something Doug knows is important to me. I was so surprised that he got me two cars! A mom car and a fun car. I never pictured myself driving a big mom SUV but here I am, 37 years old and I wouldn't have it any other way. I am very grateful and still can't believe he did that!

It was super fun getting to be with my family and celebrate together, and then jetting off to Catalina Island with Doug. We had a wonderful day at the spa and walking around the island. I totally recommended doing that if you haven't yet. It feels like a European village. You can take a ferry if a helicopter ride doesn't suit you.

I had called and made Doug his consultation for his vasectomy because I knew he never would. I don't want to force him to have the procedure, but I do want to initiate the first step. Once we have all the information I trust him as the leader of our family and then we can have an educated conversation about the whole thing. I just felt like as my birthday came and I'm getting older, the idea of having a fourth child seems less and less ideal for our family. I knew he wouldn't make that first step so I took it upon myself. He handled it well.  

This is a very special episode for Doug and me. NOBLEMAN Magazine has been a dream of ours and a true labor of love. Our Spring Issue launch, with Matt Damon on the cover was really a surreal moment for us, and it was great to have the ladies join us. We have worked so hard on this product and are so proud of the stories, the incredible photos and every effort put into it. The idea of having a men's magazine that focuses on style with substance is something that is super unique. Having three boys I feel very invested in the world of men and I plan to raise three little gentlemen.

To run a successful magazine these days we realize you have to offer something more than just an amazing print magazine...that's why our digital platform and events are so important. We put so much work and effort into our VIP events. It's the perfect way to showcase our luxury clients to OC's most notable and influential residents. We are proud to put on interactive events that are more elevated from the typical OC event. As you can see this event was a smash success, from the amazing food and cocktails to the various activations...and even the barbershop! Doug wins the bet. ;) You can see photos and more video from the event at:

When I saw Vicki coming late and leaving early, I felt badly. I don't like seeing my friends uncomfortable and it was obvious she felt awkward and just wanted to leave because of everything that has happened with Shannon and Tamra. I know Tamra's heart. She is a good person and I know deep down misses her friendship with Vicki. That is why I am trying to organize a sit down. I feel invested in their friendship. When Tamra laughs and tells me I'm naive, she is 100% right. I have no clue all the hurt that has gone on. I am naive to it all. I think of them and picture Tamra's wedding and Vicki as a bridesmaid. Watching it back, I understand more the hurt that has transpired, but at the time I really didn't and just wanted everyone to make up. That is always my desire. Fun and love, friendship and laughter. I know (especially now) that sometimes so much pain has been caused a relationship isn't tangible.

When Shannon asks, "What about me?" when I mention Vicki to Tamra, I think I had to pick my mouth off the floor! I have learned my lesson from having Shannon storm off on me after the first time I met her and brought up Vicki and I wasn't about to try and go there again with her. Tamra knows my heart and I'm invested in her relationship with Vicki. On the other hand, I'm not about to try and facilitate a reconciliation for Vicki and Shannon when I felt I had tried to do that and Shannon stormed off on me and in her blogs tried to label me a pot stirrer.

I really do love having women uplift other women. We all have a lot to celebrate in our lives. We also all have a lot going on and need each other to build one another up, not try to tear each other down. It is always my intention to try and build up friendships and support the friends I have in my life. I was grateful all the ladies took the time to come to my event and support my dream."

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo