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Kelly Dodd: “I Appreciate Tamra Facilitating The Meeting With Shannon And Me”

Kelly Dodd is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County. Kelly Dodd dishes on her sit down with Shannon Beador and weighs in on Meghan King Edmonds' Sip-N-See event.

Kelly writes:

"Michael and I have gotten to know Vicki’s boyfriend Steve quite well over the past year. I thought that the clip of Steve with Vicki and the boys was heartwarming. Steve is a very kind, considerate, generous gentleman.

I find that watching Peggy continually struggle with social norms and colloquialisms baffling. I know she was born in Kuwait and is proud of her Armenian heritage, but didn’t she grow up in the US? Didn’t she go to school here? Didn’t she live here all but one year of her life? I guess Diko shelters her, or maybe she is used to primarily associating with other Armenians? Regardless, while her naivety at times comes across as cute, it’s starting to wear thin. Keep watching, you’ll see.

The path to reconciliation starts with baby steps. I appreciate Tamra facilitating the meeting with Shannon and me. The last time we tried to settle our differences was after Shannon’s ‘70s party, and that turned out to be very contentious. This time, I believe Shannon has figured out that us blustering at each other, like Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un, isn’t productive. This time, we were able to talk about the debacle at the Quiet Woman, like adults, in a constructive manner. I was glad we found some common ground and were able to laugh together and leave feeling friendly towards each other. We should be friends. Shannon has a good heart and loves to have a good time. I like that about her.

Shopping with Vicki is always fun. We have such a good time together.  We make each other laugh, or as was the case with the pungent dirty diaper in the baby store, it’s a gag fest. We were both nervous about attending Meghan’s Sip-N-See, knowing that all the ladies were invited, so commiserating and sharing a laugh lightened our mood and relieved some anxiety.

Meghan’s Sip-N-See was a beautiful event for her beautiful baby girl. I am getting to know Lydia and Peggy better with each opportunity we have to be together. I am glad that Vicki decided to attend. I know the perceived grievances between Tamra and Vicki, and Shannon and Vicki, run deep, but I still believe their friendships can be rekindled, even if they don’t think so. While the tension at the party between them was palpable, I am glad for all of our sakes that everyone was on their best behavior. It was funny how Tamra and Shannon practiced saying hello to Vicki whilst shopping, but, when the time came to offer a cordial greeting at the party, they never had the nerve to do so. Another lost opportunity."

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo