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Katie Maloney-Schwartz Opens Up About Rekindled Friendship With Lala Kent!

Last month we reported that Katie Maloney-Schwartz and Lala Kent ended their longtime feud and the two were spotted hanging out along with Kristen Doute and Stassi Schroeder. Now, the Vanderpump Rules star is sharing details of how she squashed beef with Kent and how friendship is like these days.

"At the reunion back in February, we squashed it," Katie said of ending her feud with Lala during a recent interview with The Morning Breath podcast. "I kind of had a moment of clarity, especially after the wedding, you know, kind of just felt like this release of everything, and I'm just like, 'I'm not this person, I don't want to beef with her, I don't know her.'"

Katie went on to say that it "felt really good" to finally make amends with Lala. "And getting to know her has been really nice and eye-opening," she said. "We actually get along better than I thought we would."

As for the other so-called "Witches of WeHo," aka Kristen Doute and Stassi Schroeder, Katie said they're cool with Lala these days, too. It looks like Lala fits right in with the "coven," as evidenced by the below photo.

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This truce means that Katie won't be commenting on Lala's much-talked-about dating life anymore. "I'm not spilling that tea," Katie said when asked for details on Lala's mystery boyfriend. "I apologized for trying to put her on blast. I mean, I kind of felt like she attacked me and my relationship, so I went after hers. But I've apologized for that, and I vow to not talk about her life."

You can listen to the full interview below!

Source/Photo Credit: Bravo