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Fashion Friday: #RHONY Season 9 Reunion Fashion Review!

Fashion Friday is back! Today our friend Sam Allan from Good Tea is reviewing the looks from The Real Housewives of New York City Season 9 Reunion, Good Tea writes: "Hello my fellow Tea Drinkers I hope you’re warm and comfortable surrounded by snacks, because I’ve got a nice cup of piping hot tea filled with the latest fashions from the RHONY season 9 reunion. 

I'm gonna rank these ladies and tell you who slayed and who should of stayed home. Can I tell you this season, they all looked a hot mess (no tea, no shade!) Anyway, lovers read below for the shady reads on these trashy looks. So why don’t we dive right into the worst!"

7. Sonja Morgan
Lady Morgan is wearing a tight velvet (cheap) booby dress that is made for someone about 20 years younger than her, mind you shes 53. Though for someone of her age with that much plastic surgery she looks great but this dress was just a bust and a damn hot ass mess. The fitting makes it look cheap and the dress is way too long for my liking. Also what is the thing in the middle? It looks off centered and awkward, I mean don't even get me started about how much cleavage is on display. To me this is just all wrong! If you know you’re going to be on a camera then you need to be photo ready and Sonja is not photo ready!

6. Ramona Singer
This look was so bad it nearly beat out Sonja for worst dressed! Ramona girl, what were you thinking?? And who is your stylist because someone does not deserve a check this month. It looks liked they've wrapped the Singer Stinger up in this gold curtain looking dress. I will say, her makeup and boobs look great but the dress looks awkward around the waist and simply the fabric looks cheap and just boring. After a tough season Ramona has failed to deliver even at the reunion. It's a NO from me boo!

5. Carole Radziwill
This look to me is just trash! The dress, to the hair, to the makeup to her pose just looks blah. She has no shape in this dress and the traps are so unflattering, I mean who is she Superman? Her face and pose just look like pure unhappiness in a photo. We get it Carole, you are probably the smartest person their but can you at least pretend to look happy? But I liked the shoes and the colour coordination. Try harder next time boo. (If you make it to next season!) No tea no shade.

4. Dorinda Medley
Well she tried to make it nice! I love me some Dorinda! I feel bad because she has such a cute face but the outfit is just so boujee and cheap looking. I know she probably bought this from some boujee place on the Upper East Side but she needs her money back! Also if you squint or look from a distance it kinda looks like rainbow condom wrappers glued together to make a dress. The mess! I feel bad because her face is so cute and I feel like she really did try but there is just so much going on. Like too much going on. Try again next year tho Doris!

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Photo Credit: Bravo