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EXCLUSIVE: The Real Reason Behind Peggy Sulahian’s Estranged Relationship With Brother Pol’ Atteu Revealed!

Real Housewives of Orange County star Peggy Sulahian has been accused of being homophobic by gay brother Pol' Atteu and his friends after claiming that she allegedly banned him and his partner Patrik Simpson from attending their father's funeral due to to their sexual orientation.

However, an source close to the family reveal to us exclusively the real reason behind their estranged relationship.

“It’s a shame they are still trying to protect her brother,” a source revealed to us exclusively. The insider reveals that the funeral situation was a “lie,” claiming that he is just trying to get attention to “latch on the Sulahian's fame” from being on the Bravo hit reality series.

The insider claims that the Sulahians could “care less” about her brother’s gay lifestyle, as they “have many gay friends.”

The source reveals that allegedly “her brother cheated them out of money and that's why they don't talk to him, not because he's gay.”

The source added: “Pol has a history of ripping people off. His entire family including uncles and aunts don't speak to him because of this.”

As previously reported via All About The Tea, Peggy's brother Pol and his partner Patrik, who are owners of Network International Models & Talent Agency are accused of unlawfully charging the parents of an underage child for photos and fees. Their agency has been charged with seven criminal counts by the L.A. City Attorney.

Variety and L.A. Times reported the following article back in January: "Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer filed criminal charges against operators of an unlicensed talent agency for allegedly unlawfully charging the parent of an underage child for fees and photographs.

Patrick Arnold Simpson, 48, Paul Atteukenian, 51 and their business Network International Models & Talent were each charged with seven criminal counts including violating the Krekorian Act (advance fees for talent services); operating without a “Child Performer Service Permit”, falsely representing that the business was a licensed talent agency, petty theft, attempted grand theft and criminal conspiracy.

The agency is alleged to have signed a teenage girl for representation last April even though its businesses agency license had expired four months earlier and had failed to obtain a “Child Performer Service Permit.” Her mother was allegedly charged $560 for photographs and a portfolio by the agency, then paid $184 for photo services and was informed that she would need to pay the agency $8,245 so her daughter could attend the agency’s convention.

Under the law any talent agency providing an artist representation is prohibited from charging advance fees or requiring artists purchase photographs, lessons, or attend seminars as a condition of that representation."

Meanwhile, Peggy Sulahian took to her Bravo Blog this week to shut down recent homophobic allegations. "As I deal with the loss of my father and my health battle, I am choosing to focus on my family and on my own recovery and not on personal attacks against me," she continued. "I will not further engage in a public exchange with anyone, but it must be stated that the accusations against me are false and my actions have been grossly mischaracterized."

She added: "Please know how much my family and I appreciate all of those who have stood by me and supported me. Your support is extremely appreciated, and my family and I are very grateful."

A few weeks back, Peggy addressed the accusations via Twitter. When Sulahian's religion was accused of being homophobic, Peggy replied: "I'm Christina. Armenians were the first to accept Christianity."

Then, Peggy addressed recent reports about her banning her brother from their father's funeral for being gay.

When many fans wanted more details surrounding the accusations of her being homophobic, Peggy responded: "These articles are far from being true. My family and I support love of all kind. Don't believe this crazy nonsense people create."

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Photo Credit: Google Images