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Details Inside Peggy Sulahian And Shannon Beador’s Explosive Feud!

According to a new report, Shannon Beador and her new co-star Peggy Sulahian will face off in a explosive feud during this season of The Real Housewives of Orange County. A source close to production reveals that Sulahian is fed up with Beador's “whiny” behavior.

“Peggy has really hit it off with Vicki and Kelly and viewers will get to see this as the season progresses,” said the source.

Apparently, “Peggy accuses Shannon of being jealous of her marriage and she tells her that she needs to check herself when she tries coming for her off-camera,” the source told Radar Online. “As she gets more comfortable as this season progresses, she does not take crap from anyone and does not tolerate any of Shannon’s whiny BS!”

“Peggy gets into it with Shannon and tells her that she is pathetic for blaming any of the other women for her personal issues,” the source continued. “She doesn’t completely side with anyone though. Peggy spends the entire season playing to the beat of her own drum even though the ladies are constantly trying to get her to choose sides. But because she came in as Lydia’s friend, she will always take her side!”

“Peggy is as real as real gets,” the source revealed, adding, “She seems shallow but she is not at all. She is able to use her platform to discuss her cancer in hopes that it will help other women.”

Photo Credit: Bravo