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Brandi Glanville Reveals On CBB That She Used To Sell Weed To Her High School Classmates After Stealing It From Her Dad!

Brandi Glanville shocked her Celebrity Big Brother housemates and viewers when she revealed that she used to sell weed when she was in high school during Sunday night's episode of the Channel 5 reality series. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills made the candid confession during a conversation with housemates Sandi Bogle and Helen Lederer.

During that week, the house was transformed into Big Brother's cheerleading camp and the housemates had to wear cheerleaders outfit.

The revelation kicked off when Helen asked Glanville whether she was a cheerleader at high school.
And her response resulted in some comically shocked facial expressions - especially from ex-Gogglebox castmember Sandi.

"No I wasn't [a cheerleader], this makes me very happy. I was selling weed," said Glanville.

Sandi shouted "weed" in shock before covering her mouth and adding: "No you didn't Brandi."
Brandi explained the reasoning behind her illegal activities....astonishingly implicating her dad in her hustle.

"My dad grew it so I stole it and sold it. I was friends with all the cheerleaders and everyone so it was perfect. I blackmailed my dad once, in a positive way. I said we all want 100 bucks, my brother and sister and me, or we'll call the police."

A confused Sandi summarized her scam by saying: "You hustled your dad."

Brandi added: "100 bucks was like so much money to us back then."

Fans of the Channel 5 series were quick to also voice their opinions over Brandi's revelation.

One tweeted: "Brandi sold weed? I did not see that one coming! #CBB"

Another wrote: "Brandi sold weed? And why would you admit that on TV ? I like brandi but thought was odd she said she sold weed. #CBB (sic)"

Transcript courtesy via The Daily Mail

Celebrity Big Brother airs daily at 9:00pm on Channel 5 in UK.

Photo Credit: Bravo