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Brandi Glanville Evicted From Celebrity Big Brother — Watch It Here!

Brandi Glanville has been evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother house after the public decided against voting to save her. The former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star was part of a double eviction during Friday night's episode, who was given the boot along housewives Paul Danan, making her the fourth celebrity to be evicted from the show.

Glanville will be remembered for her fiery friendship with Jemma Lucy as well as her tempestuous relationship with Sandi Bogle. Watch her say goodbye to the CBB House below.

During her exit interview with Emma Willis, Brandi admitted she believed Paul Danan was great fun in the house and called the show a "mental marathon".

Glanville revealed that the Made In Chelsea star Sam Thompson was "shady" for putting her up for nomination.She claimed he was toying with both Amelia Lily and Jemma Lucy by flirting with them both in the house.

Brandi also stated she did not understand why her feud with Sandi Bogle began, but admitted it could have been a subliminal fight to be the "house mother".

Brandi evicted from CBB house during live show. 

As for Chad Johnson and Sarah Harding's romance, she said: "I just feel like how do you suddenly become so co-dependant.

"She kept talking about her fans and she was getting special treatment so he saw her as some sort of golden child and hopped on the bandwagon."

The task this week was a murder mystery and the viewers chose Sarah Harding and Sam as the murderers. The Girls Aloud singer and Made In Chelsea star were forced to choose four of their housemates to go up for eviction.

They chose Paul, Brandi, Derek and Helen. Paul and Brandi had to work out who the murderers were, but guessed incorrectly, meaning they were all left up for eviction. Check out Brandi's best bits below!

Photo Credit: Channel 5