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A Complete List Of All Bravo’s ‘Real Housewives’ Divorces!

Last week, Luann de Lesseps announced that she and her husband Tom D'Agostino were calling it quits after only seven months of marriage. Now, thanks to a new article from Good Tea, here's the complete list of all the Real Housewives divorces. Check it out below!

Good Tea decided to create a list of every real housewives divorce and there is a lot! Only divorces that happened after they joined the show they counted so you won't be seeing Sonja Morgan or Brandi Glanville on the list!

The following commentary is courtesy via Good Tea!

Vicki Gunvalson: The OG of the OC got divorced from her second husband Donn right after their vowel renewal. Mmmm. We later found out that both Vicki and Donn cheated on each other which was how the cancer scammer Brooks Ayers came into the picture. Shady boots!

Jeana Keough: All I remember about this divorce is that her husband was really rude and maybe abusive? After they divorced I vaguely remember Jeana coming to an OC party with her trainer boyfriend, maybe?

Tamra Judge: Do you all remember when Tamra told her husband she wanted a divorce in that limo - on camera! Oh my god! Simon was also an asshole and now Tamra's daughter doesn't speak to her because of what Simon says but recently we've seen Tamra attend her daughters graduation so there is a little hope.

Lynne Curtin: One of my personal favourite OC housewives got a divorce after her daughter got served with the eviction notice - ON CAMERA! Her husband lied about their money issues and I remember him begging to stay with her. Well Lynne still has her cuff line and those daughters are still acting like fools!

Ramona Singer: Possibly the most shocking divorce was Ramona and Mario! Mario played around with some younger girl and that was why Ramona was rude to Andy at the season 6 reunion, remember that? Anyway Ramona has spent the last few seasons since her divorce with new men and new hair!

Luann D'Agostino: Well Luann has made this list twice now. First she divorced the Count for unknown reasons but I remember something about an African Princess? Anyway after a boatload of men (including the pirate) Luann finally married Tom who had dated Ramona and slept with Sonja. He also cheated with her the day before their engagement party and I think it was obvious that the cheating never stopped! Bloop! Next season maybe Luann can move back into the townhouse.

Bethenny Frankel: Possibly the worst divorce not just in housewives history but in the history of the world! After two years of marriage Bethenny and Jason filed for divorce and the claws came out! Jason played games to make the divorce as long as he could which ultimately lasted four years. Just as the divorce was finally over, now Jason is stalking Bethenny! This psycho needs to back the fuck off and let this Skinnygirl do what she wants!

Jules Wainstein: This one season housewife divorced her very small husband when season 8 of RHONY was airing. We found out that Michael was cheating and didn't really care about his kids. Mmm. Jules left the show because of her divorce. (Well, and because she was boring.)

NeNe Leakes: NeNe divorced Gregg in the early seasons of RHOA but never really gave us a clear reason. The minute after the divorce Gregg kept trying to woo NeNe and they ended up getting married again in an over the top wedding later on. Mmm, sounds does that sound like a convenient storyline to you? Mmm.

DeShawn Snow: DeShawn was fired after her first season and later divorced her husband. Through instagram I've seem she's lost heaps of weight and is looking snatched so I guess that is a silver lining.

Lisa Wu: After Lisa left the show her and her husband Ed got a divorce. She appeared on Hollywood Divas (the budget RHOA) and Ed moved onto Cosby kid Keisha Knight Pullman and now they are going through a messy divorce. Mmm

Phaedra Parks: Possibly the shadiest divorce. Apollo went to jail back in 2014 and the divorce has been going on since then. Shady Phae Phae played heaps of shady games so no one really knew if they are divorced but I've seen recently that they might be officially divorced? Eh.

Cynthia Bailey: Cynthia's husband Peter was her storyline for her entire run on the show. Even after their divorce he was still her storyline. Peter was more of a housewife then Cynthia was! Lets just hope for season 10 we see no more of Peter and his peach grabbing hands!

Porsha Williams: Kordell didn't turn up to the RHOA season 5 reunion and a week later he filed for divorce. Porsha hinted he was gay before she turned into a full blown THOT. Now she wants to have a baby. The mess!

Dina Manzo: Dina and her sister married brothers and appeared on RHONJ together. After Dina left the show she divorced her husband and now she's over in California with her millionaire boyfriend. Get that Dina!

Mary Schmidt Amons, Michaele Salami, Catherine Ommanney, Stacie Scott Turner: I think it's fair that we can group these DC Housewives together. I mean no one remembers or cares about these women. Mmm, get that shade!

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