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Vicki Gunvalson Weighs In On Tamra Judge’s Latest Plastic Surgery And Gets Candid About Their Strained Relationship!

Vicki Gunvalson recently got candid about her strained relationship with her former bestie Tamra Judge. The Real Housewives Of Orange County star hopes to repair the damaged relationship, and also shared her thoughts on her co-star's recent plastic surgery.

The OG of the OC said Tamra "looks pretty," after going under the knife around two weeks ago, but added: "I didn't 'think she needed a facelift," she told The Daily Mail. "Tamra is a pretty girl so if she wants to improve herself, more power to her. I support her."

The reality star mentioned that they go to the same plastic surgeon; she had her eyes done by the same doctor. Vicki is also open to more surgery in the future: 'If it helps me look better than why not.'

The two Bravo reality stars have been on the outs since she repeated a rumor about her husband, alleging that Tamra's husband Eddie was gay. Gunvalson says she hopes to move on from the conflict with Judge and also co-star Shannon Beador.

"We haven't talked. There's still unresolved issues," she said when asked what her relationship is with the two women. "They love to hate me."

Gunvalson reveals the last time she saw Judge and Beador was at the final party for the show. "They're hurt and I'm hurt. I just want to move on. I just want to be kind. I want forgiveness. Draw the line in the sand." In addition to the Eddie rumors, Vicki said on RHOC that the parking lot at Tamra's gym - CUT Fitness - was always empty.

Meanwhile, during last week's episode of Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, Tamra, who appeared on the Bravo late night talk show hit back, calling the comment "rude."

Judge also took a jab during her appearance on the show: "Vicki clearly hasn't been in a parking lot of a gym in a long time so she wouldn't know if it was full or not."

But Vicki responded: "All I know is my office was very close to her gym. There's five gyms near her and the people working out dispersed." She added that she doesn't work out at Tamra's gym nor does she does she spend time at its parking lot.

Vicki noted that Tamra's gym only offers about three or four classes, which could be why, adding: "The truth is the truth. I don't see any cars."

Gunvalson says she finds it interesting that Tamra and Shannon are "always talking about me. It's obvious that they care for me and they want to keep me relevant, so to speak," she told the publication. "I'm not the person they think I am. Tamra knows my heart. And she knows who I am. I think she likes to stir up the pot a little but I love her and I love Shannon."

She added: "I'm tired of the conflict too and we got to work together, so might as well work together in peace."

Photo Credit: Bravo