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Siggy Flicker Spills The Tea On RHONJ Season 8 Drama; Says “At One Point Everyone But Teresa And Dolores” Turn On Her And Calls Newbie Margaret Josephs “Thirsty” And A “Social Climber!”

Siggy Flicker is spilling all the tea about the upcoming eighth season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. The relationship expert teases that “everybody is just horrible,” this season. Flicker says you will see a new side to her in Season 8 and teases her feud with newbie Margaret Josephs.

“You’re going to see as whole new season to Siggy Flicker,” she told Radar Online. “My whole life, people would always flock to me because I have this energy about me, I couldn’t be a peace maker this season.”

“I felt like I was the one being attacked,” she said. “I’m not backing down,” she insisted.

“Everybody is just horrible,” she teased about he co-stars in Season 8. Flicker explained that her alliances with Giudice and Gorga were tested “over and over again,” and ultimately “every story line is against me this season.”

Siggy then opens up about her feud with newbie Margaret Josephs “All the drama comes to my front door,” she told Radar Online. “We live in the same town. I was introduced to her by a friend. Look, I don’t know how to be phony or fake, I just know how to be me.”

She said she was blindsided by Joseph’s actions during filming. “I was her cheerleader and she ended up coming at me several times throughout the season. She’s thirsty and wants to be on the show.”

Siggy teases about the show’s upcoming cast trip to Boca Raton, which was filmed back in February. “I just wanted to have a nice vacation with Teresa, Melissa and the new girl [Josephs]. Teresa’s mother had just died, it was Melissa’s birthday. I wanted the new girl to join us because I thought “the more the merrier.” I was wrong. It got out of control and I was so upset. So many lines were crossed this season.”

“These women have entitlement issues,” she continued. “The season started out ‘let’s pick on this peace maker.’ I bring in this new girl who wants to be with Teresa and Melissa. The new girl, she’s a social climber. Did I do anything wrong? She crossed a line. This girl and I don not have good chemistry. I couldn’t be a peace maker this season.” She admitted that she and the new cast member hasn’t spoken since filming ended. “I don’t talk to her. Once you have toxic energy I block you out of my life.”

“At one point everybody but Teresa and Dolores turn on me,” she told Radar Online. Flicker explained that Giudice even helped her find a new doctor after her cancer diagnosis, in a show of true loyalty. But the rest of the women earned her wrath.

“My confessionals are going to be out of this world.”

“All guns came blazing at us this season,” Flicker said about herself and Dolores. “It wasn’t fun when we were going though it. This season all guns pointing at us. I went from peacemaker to warrior. Last season everyone said, ‘she is up Teresa’s ass.’ Well, Teresa doesn’t pay my mortgage, she doesn’t pay for my car. I am my own person. We make it clear we are not taking s**t from anybody.”

Flicker says when the cast took a trip to Italy things got even worse. “It was a showdown there. It was horrific. There was another epic fight that was a continuation of another fight. The whole thread of the whole season was Siggy versus the new girl and Danielle versus Dolores. It was nonstop.”

Photo Credit: Bravo