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Real Housewives Of Toronto Star Roxy Earle Roxy Talks About Her Upcoming New Book And Her Own Reality Show!

Roxy Earle made her official debut as a housewife this year when she joined Slice's The Real Housewives of Toronto. The first season premiered back in March, but now that the show has been reportedly been "put on hold," by the network, so what's next for Roxy? The reality star talks about her new gig as a model for Addition Elle and reveals she has two new projects in the works: her own reality show and a book deal.

When asked if she would return to  second season of RHOT:  “Of course I’ll do a Season 2 of the Housewives,” Roxy told ET Canada. “I loved being a housewife. To me it was really an honor and the fan reception has been incredible. Since the moment the show aired on television, so many incredible things have happened to me.”

One of those incredible things is writing her first book. “I didn’t even had a book in my radar, and when all these people reached out, we sat down and we meet with a few a them – and finally decided to choose – I don’t know, I better get to writing,” the brunette beauty said with a laugh.

Roxy is also modeling and is the face of Canadian plus-size clothing line Addition Elle. “I called the CEO and I told them ‘I would love to work with you,” and they said ‘we would like to work with you,’ and next thing you know, the relationship evolved and I just shot their fall campaign alongside Jordan Wood and Ashley Graham – and I’m going to see billboards of myself all over the country, and it’s really cool.”

Roxy also talked about her own reality show, which she is currently filming. “The life of Luxurious Roxy has commenced filming,” she teased.

So what was the idea behind her own reality show? “I would have like 20,000 people log on into live steam to see what I was doing a day, so we figured, you know what, why not show what I’m doing everyday. Why not continue the story of what’s happening in my life – so we partnered with a production company and we started filming,” said Earle.

“I never thought this would happen. It has grown into so much – so many incredible things have combed from simply being comfortable in my own skin.”

Photo Credit: Slice