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Real Housewives Of Sydney Cast Clap Back At Erika Girardi For Calling Them ‘Boring’: “We Are Far From Boring”

As we previously reported, Erika Girardi was recently in Australia promoting the streaming service, Hayu. While doing a round of press, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills made some comments about the drama surrounding The Real Housewives of Sydney being rejected by Bravo for being "too extreme" for American viewers.

The "How Many F***s" admitted that she’s only seen the show “very briefly” but believes that if women are constantly being nasty it’s because their “lives are boring.”

“Everyone loves the drama and the conflict, but you have to round out those edges,” she told The Daily Telegraph. “The great thing about us is we have our own lives. Lisa Vanderpump owns restaurants, Lisa Rinnahas a clothing line and Kyle Richards is the executive producer of her own television show. We don’t have just one card to play. We have other things going on so you don’t have to play the mean card or the shrill card all the time.”

Following her comments several cast members of the Foxtel hit reality show clapped back at Girardi.

Krissy Marsh took to social media to respond to Erika. "I would welcome the opportunity to meet @theprettymess so as you could fully appreciate how amazing and interesting my life is," she wrote.

"You should not make sweeping and incorrect statements having never met any of us or watched the entire series," she continued. "My life is anything but boring and is exceptionally full. I have a strong and beautiful family and three children. I am heavily involved in the Wishing Well charity and a member of their executive committee. I have started three businesses one if is in China.

She added: "I speak three different languages and have an incredible group of friends who are a speak world..."

Marsh's co-star Matty Samaei showed her support by responding to her lengthy response with emoji claps, meanwhile Victoria Rees said the following: "I was surprised a woman would make those comments without even knowing us... we are far from boring," she wrote.

Meanwhile, Speaking with The Daily Mail Australia, Erika Girardi urged the cast of The Real Housewives of Sydney to stay true to themselves, conflict aside. While Erika admitted that tension and drama was all part of being on the show, she believed women should overall focus on being "their authentic self."

"If you're cast on the show, just show up and be yourself," she told the publication. "I assure you, you won't have to push very hard for conflict, it will come."

She added that the women should always be prepared to speak with conviction and back themselves up. "If you say something, you need to stand behind it, that's my best advice," she said.

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Photo Credit: Foxtel, Bravo