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Meghan King Edmonds: “I’m Also Not Going To Sugarcoat It – Motherhood Is Hard!”

Meghan King Edmonds is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County. Meghan King Edmonds talks about motherhood and weighs in on Shannon and Lydia's confrontation.

Meghan writes:

"Two episodes in and I’m loving that everything has been drama free so far (for me at least)! It’s been nice watching the drama start to play out, without being a part of it yet. Girly Girl has enjoyed watching the episodes with me as well and will bark at the TV every time she sees or hears Archie or herself! So cute!

I love every time Aspen comes on the screen. She’s grown so much since filming, so it’s so fun for me to watch back when she was still so tiny. Of course I love being a mother and I wouldn’t trade it for anything, but I’m also not going to sugarcoat it – motherhood is hard! And stressful. Jimmy also doesn’t make it any easier when he’s constantly saying what I should do when it comes to Aspen, but he is such a loving, hands-on dad so I’m not complaining at all. He loves to talk about what everyone should be doing, but he does it with everyone, not just me. It’s just him thinking out loud and I’ve learned to either block it out or just make tiny adjustments. It’s actually so much more annoying to hear it on TV because I am so used to just blocking it out!

We finally got to meet Peggy this week and I’m curious to see everyone’s thoughts on her and her lavish lifestyle. I thought it was interesting that she made sure to point out that her and Diko’s cars actually belong to them. It never even entered my mind that her cars would be "borrowed" and not owned until she mentioned it *cocks head in slight amusement.* I was also a little shocked to see the extravagant gifts from Diko given in front of guests. I would bet money that they didn't attend cotillion...

I took cotillion and let me tell you, more kids really do need it. Bad! Shannon's daughters are not some of them though. They are so well mannered, and I loved watching Sophie and her friends get ready for their winter formal – they all looked amazing!

How cute is Ava?! And how fabulous was her birthday party?! A party that amazing and she’s only two – it gives me anxiety thinking about how to measure up to that for Aspen’s birthday parties! But seriously though, can someone throw ME a party like that? The unicorn theme and all, I’ll take it! I wish I could have been there to see it in person. I did have to laugh that Tamra deleted Briana off of social media, but it was really nice to see that Briana went to the party regardless of any drama and then left when she got uncomfortable. Briana’s always been the most mature one in her family!

I’ve loved getting to know Lydia and definitely consider her a friend, but one thing I've noticed so far this season is that she’s been getting a little too involved with the other girls’ drama and business. It’s great that she wants to try to heal friendships, but sometimes it’s just not possible and you have to know when to stop. I thought it was potentially invasive and for sure uncomfortable that she brought up a major surgery with Peggy when she had only met her five minutes ago. Then to bring up Vicki to Shannon when they had just met? It was so weird and I don’t understand why she’d do that, let alone then trying to continue the conversation. Shannon was clearly upset about Vicki and Lydia rubbed her the wrong way with bringing her up. Even though Shannon should have just walked away, it seemed like Lydia was purposely trying to make things worse! That’s no way to make friends.

The drama heats up even more next week!"

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo