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Lydia McLaughlin’s Mom Judy Stirling Has “No Regrets” Over Calling Shannon Beador “A Lost Soul!”

Lydia McLaughlin and Shannon Beador had an intense disagreement on Monday night's episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County. It all kicked off when McLaughlin made the mistake of comparing Beador to her enemy Vicki Gunvalson, saying the two were “acting the same way.”

And thrust into the middle of their heated back-and-forth was McLaughlin’s mom Judy Stirling, who shared her thoughts on the situation. The 69-year-old, glitter-bombing beauty had met Beador earlier in the night, telling her, “You have such a bright light. I’m seeing it in your eyes. Your energy is so in tune with me.”

But after talking to her daughter about their argument, Stirling added some context around what she saw to be pain Beador was experiencing. “She yelled because she’s lost,” Stirling said. “She’s a lost soul.”

So does Stirling regret her comments? “No regrets!” she told PEOPLE Now, explaining that her motivation behind her words wasn’t at negative. “I feel like in a way we’re all lost souls and we’re just trying to shine our light in that darkness.”

Stirling said she loves Beador, explaining that when they met, she felt the two were “simpatico.”

“I watched two episodes, that’s all I could watch — like [Lydia] said it’s so difficult to watch when you’re not on it,” Stirling said. “But I just thought [Shannon] was so awesome. And I totally related to her in every way. The feng shui thing is a little bit too much for me, I don’t need [nine lemons in a bowl], but I love her! I think she’s cool!”

Asked if she had a message for Beador, Stirling sent nothing but love. “I think you’re awesome,” she said. “We’re all lost souls — no offense.”

That doesn’t mean Stirling wouldn’t pick a side if she had to. “I’ve got to sign with my daughter,” she joked. “If she says she’s mean, then she’s mean! She’s a mean witch!”

Photo Credit: Getty Images