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Lydia McLaughlin Weighs In On Tamra Judge’s Relationship With Estranged Daughter!

Lydia McLaughin is sharing her thoughts on Real Housewives of Orange County co-star Tamra Judge's relationship with her estranged daughter Sidney and reveals how the mother and daughter are working on repairing their fractured relationship.

“I think that for Tamra and Sidney, it’s not just like now they’re best friends,” McLaughlin told Radar Online. “Tamra got to go to Sidney’s graduation and that was a great deal and obviously an important day for her, so I think that their relationship is a work in progress.”

“I kept in contact with Tamra while I was gone,” she continued. “She became a Christian. She wasn’t a Christian when I was on the show the first time and so when she became a Christian, I reached out to her and we got together and I wanted to hear about her faith and kind of how she came to this decision. I invited her to bible study which is really where this season kicks off.”

Judge became a Christian at the end of the tenth season of the Bravo hit reality show, and was baptized on camera in the midst of her estrangement from Barney.

Barney, 18, cut her mom out of her life after she divorced Simon Barney in 2011. They reconciled briefly after the season 11 reunion, but Barney still refuses to live with Judge. Judge recently revealed that they are “just really trying to bring the family back together.”

Photo Credit: Bravo