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Lydia McLaughlin: “I Brought Up Vicki To Tamra And Shannon Because I Was Trying To Help!”

Lydia McLaughlin is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County. Lydia McLaughlin explains her side of the Shannon Beador's face off at Ava's birthday party.

Lydia writes:

"This week's episode is super exciting because you get to meet Peggy Sulahian and Diko! Doug had met Diko for coffee the week before and they really hit it off. We decided to include a profile on him in NOBLEMAN Magazine and we planned a photoshoot with our amazing photographer, Chris Glenn. The incredible house was in Dana Point and was provided by our client Christies International Real Estate.

As a lifestyle magazine, NOBLEMAN features a variety of content from fashion, travel, cars, food and culture, but perhaps my favorite focus is our spotlight on successful men in the community. Diko has a great story. It is inspiring to learn about his achievements and how he strives to put his family first. He and Peggy arrived looking dashing and they had such great chemistry. Peggy plays a big role in his business so it made perfect sense to include her in a few of the photos...and she nailed it! I'm excited for you all to see and read about it! You can check out the four page feature in our Matt Damon issue at

I was very grateful Doug had told me about Peggy's surgery before she came. This gave me a little insight into what she was going through. To see her in heels and looking like a million bucks a few weeks after her mastectomy really is a testament to Peggy's strength and willpower. She is a strong woman and I admire her determination. I was honored she shared her story with me and this gave us an instant bond. I feel protective of Peggy as I know her story and her husband, and so we got along right off the bat.

On the other hand, Ava's birthday party obviously didn't go as I hoped and meeting Shannon for the first time was basically the opposite of my first time with Peggy. I was really excited to meet Shannon. Tamra is a good friend of mine and she said great things about Shannon. Believe it or not, but I brought up Vicki to Tamra and Shannon because I was trying to help! I didn't want to be shady and not tell them about getting drinks with Vicki. I was trying to tell them: "Hey I got drinks with Vicki. She is hurt. You guys are hurt... let's all move on.” But I didn't get to finish my train of thought. Shannon just heard me say, "She is just like Vicki." And obviously took great offense to that. However, I feel I didn't say that. She is seeing my words as hurtful but that wasn't what I was even trying to say! I was trying to explain that they are alike because they both are hurt. Vicki shared with me how Shannon's kids use to call her Aunt Vicki and how she feels a sense of loss and got hurt as well. I wasn't trying to take sides but was trying to let them see that everyone is hurt. Shannon can disagree with that, but there is a way to communicate with people, and the way Shannon was talking to me was combative and erratic.

I wasn't around the last few years, I didn’t watch RHOC and I really haven't kept up with drama. I didn't know all that had transpired besides what my friends told me. I love Tamra and Vicki. I like them getting along. In my mind I was trying to go on the road of forgiveness by bringing her up, but the opposite happened.

Please remember that I had never met Shannon. I had no clue how "expressive" she is. I felt like she was attacking me, and for something I feIt didn't even say. However, Shannon wouldn't let me explain myself. She was fixated on me saying she's just like Vicki but I didn't say that. She didn't let me finish my thought. They are alike in that they both have been hurt by each other. Hurt is hurt. I am not condoning what either party has done, nor will I understand the pain the families have endured. I was really trying to help the whole situation but felt like I was misunderstood and was never given the opportunity to explain myself. I was trying to remain calm but was quite frustrated. Shannon just stormed off and I went home really upset that day.

Perhaps you may feel this is a "new side of me," but this side has always been there. I am a strong woman and when I feel someone doesn't understand me, I like to talk about it. I really don't like conflict and drama. I was raised by Judy Stirling, so fairy dust, confetti, and love has always surrounded me. I felt like Shannon flipped out about me bringing up Vicki but you can see on my face how blown away I was at her reaction towards me. I don't understand her and have never had anyone I just met talk to me in the tone or intensity she did that day. I wanted to explain myself, but when I realized a resolution wasn't happening, I just didn't want to be fake and meet up again for dinner a few days later. On a positive note, I'm so glad you all got to see my mom again. She is so important to me in my life and I love that she just wants to add to the world a little more sparkle wherever she goes..."

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo