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Lisa Hochstein’s Slander Lawsuit Over Escort Allegation Is Dismissed!

The slander lawsuit brought five years ago by Lisa Hochstein against a former friend who claimed on social media that the former Real Housewives of Miami star was an escort in Las Vegas before she moved to Miami and married plastic surgeon Leonard Hochstein has been dismissed, reports The Miami Herald.

Hochstein and her two lawyers weren’t pursing the case actively, according to an order by Miami-Dade County Circuit Court Judge Jose Rodriguez.

So why did Hochstein clog up the court system with the lawsuit to start with? Apparently, neither Hochstein nor lawyer Jordan Kay returned calls and emails asking them to answer that question.

Hochstein filed against Miami resident Jessica Lederman in early 2012 after Lederman allegedly commented on an entertainment website that Lisa, who at the time had just joined the cast of the Bravo show, once worked as a fancy call girl in Vegas and dabbled in softcore porn.

In addition to denying the claims, Hochstein claimed Lederman’s comment had caused “severe emotional distress” and hurt her reputation.

According to court records obtained by the publication, Lederman gave Hochstein a run for her money after the filing.

It took Hochstein’s lawyer months to find Lederman and serve her with the lawsuit. Then in a motion filed last year, Hochstein’s team complained Facebook had refused to surrender information about Lederman’s account.

Hochstein wanted to know if Lederman’s claims that her FB account was hacked by someone who posted the comment was true.

Photo Credit: Bravo