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Karen Huger’s Husband And His Company Owe Millions In Back Taxes!

The Washington Post reports that Karen Huger's husband, Ray Huger, also known as The Black Bill Gates on The Real Housewives of Potomac owes the IRS a massive amount in unpaid taxes.

Ray Huger, who is a software exec owes nearly $1.5 million in back-due federal taxes and his company owes more than $3 million, according to public records.

The publication reports that the government has a $1.468 million lien against Ray Huger, 70, a former IBM executive who founded software and consulting company Paradigm Solutions in 1991, according to an April 26 filing in Fairfax County Circuit Court. Paradigm Solutions, where Huger is the president and chief executive, also has a $3.06 million lien against it, Montgomery County Circuit Court records show.

Karen addressed the situation during a recent interview. “It’s a private matter; it’s being addressed,” Huger said in a brief interview on Wednesday.

Photo Credit: Bravo