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Karen Huger On Charrisse Jackson Jordan: “She Is Desperate To Stay Relevant”

Karen Huger is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Potomac. Karen Huger dishes on Part 2 of the RHOP Season 2 Reunion and comes for Charrisse Jackson Jordan. Check it out! What did you think of how Ray handled the reunion and the financial questions from the ladies?

Karen Huger: Ray set the record straight on them all but especially for Gizelle and Charrisse. How dare they refer to my man as being broke? He has worked very hard to accomplish his career and all the trimmings that come with it. For these girls to speculate and throw out those verbal attacks all season was a little hard to watch. Ray handled the matter directly and with class. I was very proud of my man. Charrisse, being the "most pretentious" of us all, was overly focused on our money. She is sitting in a glass house throwing boulders. I was shocked at her confessionals while she wants the world to think she wants to be my friend. She needs to keep her focus on her own life and stay the hell out of our checkbook. Ray handled the matter with quickness and grace. What did you think of Juan’s comments on his marriage with Robyn Dixon– are they meant to be? 

KH: Robyn and Juan have made it crystal clear that their unconventional non-marriage is for their children. He wants to do what's right for his career and family. Robyn has repeatedly said they want to accomplish family and financial goals. I am not going to sit on the seat of judgment the way she has done with matters. I can respect that they want to keep their unit together. I think that folks need to move on. There is nothing left to see. It should just be “don't ask, don't tell” when it comes to the Juan and Robyn's relationship story. At any time one or both can decide to change the arrangement but until then mark her words, “America, I am fine!” What did you think when Andy kept pressing about your boobs and that moment of realization? Why did you decide to take them out?

KH: I was quite shocked that we spent so much time on Tiff & Fife. My gown was simply gorgeous, and I looked great. I am a woman. We like to switch things up. Everyone knows that about women. I want to do tear drops in the future instead of my previous more rounded look. My natural look is still fabulous, particularly combined with my weight-loss. So with or without the implants, I am very comfortable for now. Maybe when I get my tear drop implants, I can invite the viewers to watch. It's really funny. I guess I looked so good that the girls had to dissect my anatomy apart. The truth is, we all looked fabulous. You didn't see me attacking anyone else's look on national TV. It is all good. It is not the first time. I like to keep them guessing anyway. What were you thinking when Ashley dropped that bomb about her separation and what would your advice be, as part of a happy couple with an age gap as well?

KH: I was very sad to hear that Michael and Ashley had separated. I am praying that they can work it out. The restaurant has become their baby and they both seem committed to its success. I would tell them to keep the communication open and positive. I would advise them to put everything in the best possible light and to look for the good. If you expect negativity, that is what you will get, but if you expect positivity, you will attract that into the relationship. Michael & Ashley have some common bonds that can keep them happy for years to come. Tell us about your clash with Charrisse and the host clash, and how everyone said you were backpedaling on the fireman comments.

KH: I think everyone is done with the whole hosting clash between us two. I know that I am done with it. Charrisse misled the ladies and contributed to their confusion with her refusal to acknowledge the facts agreed upon before leaving Potomac. The backpedaling was observed because I seem to have more respect for her marriage than she does. She was all willy-nilly talking about "I am done, come for my marriage!" Who does that when they have not gotten a final divorce decree and settlement signed by a judge? She is so rookie sometimes! Besides, I was caught on a hot mic with my off-handed comments. I was pissed at how she winds up all the girls (like Dolls) to speak on her behalf while she sits back and watches in silence as they spew her lies. Truth be told, she does it to Gizelle too when she feels the need.

Is she supposed to be the manager of the Potomac dolls to give them a voice? I can respect Monique, who, even when the puppeteer says something, she will vet it for herself and not just cosign that Charrisse's statements are true. Come on, ladies. I guess you have to wait and be crossed by her yourself to get what I am truly saying. Keep living! So no, it wasn't backpedaling. I just thought of it as her alimony and financial settlements are pending. She would like us all to think that she doesn't need anything from her husband. OK Charrisse, whatever! Tell us about your security guard and driver and all of Charrisse’s accusations. What were your thoughts when Charrisse accused you of having an affair with him?

KH: I have said ALL I have to say on her comments at the reunion. Ray and I have heard these rumors before. I guess it goes with the younger wife thing. Ray and I are very happy and are in a good place. I chuckled as I watched how they made comments about Ashley with her dance partner and her restaurant chef in earlier episodes. Folks just can't stand to see a pretty girl with another man without assuming they are humping. Charrisse has accused Gizzy of humping on every date she has gone on. We all watched her run her mouth at both reunions. People, get a life and back up off my panties. I know sex sells, but damn! And how dare she bring the Bodyguard and Whitney Houston references into all of this (May she Rest in Peace)? Lawd New Jersey girl, have you no shame? Stop playing Charrisse!!

Charrisse needs to not come for me with all that she has going on. (That's all I am saying with my humming tune playing in the background.) She is desperate to stay relevant.

Now I see why she is pulling all the stops on her nasty accusations about money and “who is humping who.” Hopefully, she has really filed for that divorce so she can go on that dating show she talked about at the reunion. Then maybe she can fire up that champagne room the way Monique suggested. Who is she fooling that she is really worried about the white furniture? Girl, please! The streets of Potomac know better than that.

What do you think about Karen’s blog?

Source/Photo Credit: Bravo