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Karen Huger: “My Name Is Karen But I Will Gladly Answer To The Grand Dame That I Am”

Karen Huger is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Potomac. Karen Huger explains her "Bollywood meets Africa" anniversary party. Check it out! How are you liking Great Falls? Why did you choose there exactly to move ?

Karen Huger: Great Falls, VA sits on the banks of the Potomac River 20 minutes out of D.C. It has been a quiet and refreshing change for the family. Like Potomac, MD it shares a unique history. It has been very accessible for my needs. I am still learning where to go for this, that, or the other when I don't want to drive to my familiar stomping spots. As you know, I am born and raised in VA so there is much I already know (like the need to get a state inspection sticker and other little intricacies) that make VA what it is. I don't want to give away too much about why I moved to Great Falls because it is revealed to the girls in the "fire" hot reunion taping. It's not what they all thought! I am still shaking my head at my co-stars. They have so little faith in people sometimes. Stay tuned! Why did you choose to make a grand entrance rather than immediately greet your guests?

KH: Are you kidding me?! It was my 20th anniversary party! Of course, Ray and I were going to make a grand entrance. There was not one guest (except for maybe Gizelle) that thought otherwise. We had an awesome time. I am sure that any delay in us greeting our guests was in part due to waiting for the Divas on the first floor to finish their shenanigans so we could get the party started. They did a musical chant to Monique's interpretation of the attire for the evening. Charrisse needed time to interview my friends at the party, to ask questions about why I moved. Who does that? I was wondering for a minute who the honorees were since the Diva Crew was cutting us up. We decided when the moment was right for Ray and I to make our entrance - this was our party and we get to greet our guests how we want. This was not anyone else's decision - to be clear, this was not a charity event where we needed to greet people upon their arrivals. Not one friend thought "Why?" to our grand entrance, however, since the question was asked, I will continue to be me and share all the critical details so we are all up to!

It was a phenomenal evening. I will never forget the fun we shared together with our theme of “Bollywood meets Africa.” I was adorned in my sari and Ray was so handsome in his dashiki. We could not have been happier. What do you think of everyone’s gossiping and questioning the motive for your move? What is it like seeing all their conversations now?
KH: Let me begin by saying that the dictionary definition of "gossip" is: "casual or unconstrained conversation or reports about other people, typically involving details that are not confirmed as being true." It did not surprise me based on the way things were going lately that some serious gossiping was taking place among the ladies. I give Monique a pass, but the rest of the ladies should be ashamed how they have questioned my character behind my back. If I have something to say, I will at least tell you to your face. They were all mad because I didn't tell them my personal business. So, they went behind my back and even interviewed my guests. Enjoy the moment! Why be so divisive? Nonetheless, I could not have been more surprised to see the girls get into the groove and finally have some real fun - eating, drinking and being merry. I have hope for them all. They will eventually see that I am not their enemy and want the best for the group. I am just waiting for them to return my serve. Tell us about the party! You got very emotional when your mom gave you a message at your party. Tell us about breaking down.

KH: Ray and I will always remember our 20th anniversary. We partied all night with our family and friends. We had so much fun! I had hope that my parents would be able to attend the party but unfortunately, they could not. I was overcome with gratitude, pride, joy, and amazement when I heard my mother’s message. Over the last twenty years, my mother has faced one life threating illness after another. That evening I knew mom was not feeling well and for her to take a moment during her illness to send us her love and well wishes is a testament to the woman I call Mom. Mom exemplifies how one can choose to live a life of grace while under fire. Mama is my ROCK!!! When you have such a bond (as I do) with a parent and you hear their voice unexpectedly, everything else in the room silenced. It was like she was right there holding my hand. I could not contain myself; the tears just flowed. It also followed both my children speaking about us as parents. These are the moments that make life so special. I am a very grateful woman. What’s next for the Grand Dame? Are you keeping the title?

KH: As for what's next for the Grand Dame, let's just say, stay tuned. I am getting adjusted, enjoying my family, dating my husband, and living my life. Unlike what has been alleged, I am not the self-appointed Grand Dame. That title was bestowed upon me. Check out the reunion and see how I handle the title. I am not sure why this is such a topic for discussion among the ladies. My name is Karen but I will gladly answer to the Grand Dame that I am. The girls will simply have to get over themselves and find the Grand Dame that exists in all of them!

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo