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Karen Huger: “Gizelle Loves To Embellish Things And I Should Have Called Her Out More On Those”

Karen Huger is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Potomac. Karen Huger dishes on Part 1 of the RHOP Season 2 Reunion and says the ladies, "were all in stank mode." Check it out! What do you think of the ladies’ reactions to your explanation for the move?

KH: I was shocked and confused by their reactions. The ladies have been a pill this season. Not one of them gave me that feeling that I could be open with them and share the details of why I was moving. Instead, they were in full attack mode over the silliest of things, like sending them a gift basket. I had real life issues going on with just coming off of sharing my date rape and addressing the needs of my ailing parents on a national platform. I was feeling a bit bewildered that these ladies are sitting there bitching about a basket. Really?! I was truly offended and taken aback how they acted. I stopped to ponder how things got this way. I knew that things had to change in the group and I wanted to be part of mending the fences, not tearing them down. I suppose I could have tried harder to let them in on the details but you all saw the stinky comments, I was getting behind my back. Which one was I gonna share with? Exactly! They were all in stank mode. I give Monique a pass because she did not really know me but was the friendliest despite all that was going on. What is your reaction now to Gizelle's “fix your face” in New York comments for why you didn’t attend her party?

KH: Well, first of all "Gizzy" had her facts wrong for that little comment. I would have happily attended her party had I not been called away to care for my Mom. And when my mom or anyone in my family needs me, I am there in a heartbeat because family is everything! I feel badly about calling her a liar over the comment, but she certainly got the word “on the street” incorrect. Gizelle loves to embellish things and I should have called her out more on those. For the record, I am certainly not above getting work done but my guy is local, and I have already shared him with Monique. We discussed some changes I am planning. Stay tuned and I will let you know first hand about those decisions. What did you make of Charrisse's comments on her relationship?

Karen Huger: I found it very amusing since she was the one that took Custard's last stand with the statement, “My marriage is DONE.” She was certainly flaunting Eddie's diamond at the reunion. I guess some of us cling on to the past too. She was all up in Robyn's business, but it seems like she is really the one in denial. I am just saying! Work on your next diamond Charrisse... Work on your next diamond! It is gorgeous. I would not have given it back either. Maybe re-setting it as a pendant would work best. Just saying Boo Boo! Do you think Gizelle was denying how shady she was to Monique? Do you think her and Robyn “mean girl” together? 

KH: Gizelle has much personality and the whole “mean girl” thing is totally beneath her but she sometimes can't help herself from reverting back to her old college ways. Robyn is sometimes collateral damage. I believe that some women. like Gizelle. can bring out a different energy with people in group sessions versus a private discussion. I am sure if she had met Monique one on one, then things would have been very different. The timing was off and that is why I felt the need to try to resolve their beef. Do you think Ashley is a pot-stirrer? She seemed to clash with everyone at the Reunion, but you seemed to take her side. 

KH: Ashley has been all over the place, stirring the pot this season. I was giving her some backup because I knew that she was in deep-water with the woman across on the other couch. They needed to know somebody would come to her defense if things got ugly. I am not in agreement with Ashley going around doing her pot-stirring but I do not think she did it from a malicious place. I saw her apologize to Robyn in the finale and I sincerely believe she wants what's best for everyone. She is still young and feisty, but I remain hopeful that she will find her way back to reconciliation with the ladies. Did you realize Robyn had made those comments at the end of the episode about Ashley at the break? What are you thinking watching it now? 

KH: I think that Robyn has decided what is best for her life. She has repeatedly told the world that she is fine. She was completely frustrated with Ashley and at that point did not care who heard what she said. Like she implied, if Juan had not been so close by when Ashley was accusing him of an affair, she would have wanted to do some furniture moving. I know how she feels and no one wants to be the continued target of negative remarks that the gossiper knows nothing about. I found it hilarious that Robyn was the next person caught with the “hot mic.” Sometimes, enough is enough. You want to play nice for but folks be working your last nerve. Let it go, why don't you? I am not saying that I condone Robyn's arrangement but it is her and Juan's business and not that of Ashley, the fans and/or foes of RHOP. I do think she should keep the therapist as a sounding board. That's my two cents. DONE!

What do you think about Karen’s blog?

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo