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Gretchen Rossi Is Suing Her Lawyers Over Stalking Case — Find Out Why!

Gretchen Rossi is suing the lawyers that recently helped her win a case against an alleged stalker, claiming they are trying to milk some extra cash out of her. According to court documents obtained by Radar Online, the former Real Housewives of Orange County star addresses the accusations toward Greg Brown, a civil trial lawyer hired to represent her in a stalking and harassment case.

“Although we ultimately won our case, there were filing errors made during the course of our lawsuit by Mr. Brown that resulted in additional and unnecessary expenses and awards to the other party,” her complaint argues.

“During the course of our litigation, Brown & Charbonneau instructed us to file frivolous charges against the individual harassing me. Included in those charges were claims for Slander, Defamation and False Light.

“I was later informed that due to the fact that I am a public figure, I do not qualify for the claims of Slander, Defamation & False Light which Mr. Brown should have known.”


Rossi says her legal team’s “bad advice” to add those claims resulted in a loss, and forced her to fork over more than $40,000 to her opponent, while racking up $48,000 in attorney fees.

The reality star also claims the law firm is billing her improperly for their services.

“In reviewing the invoices, it appears I have been billed for cases that Brown & Charbonneau did not litigate on my behalf,” the complaint continues. “It has also come to my attention that Brown & Charbonneau has been charging me for not only invalid invoices, but they also have been adding interest to the invoices at a rate of 12% continually which is a violation of the ethics code.”

Brown & Charbonneau have countersued, claiming Rossi hasn’t paid them, and owes them over $300,000.

Rossi is asking for that suit to be tossed, and wants unspecified damages from the law firm.

Photo Credit: Bravo