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Gizelle Bryant: “Karen Is Mother Goose Who Lives In A Shoe”

Gizelle Bryant is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Potomac. Gizelle Bryant shares her thoughts on Karen Huger's resized home - and opens up about breaking up with Kevin. Check it out! Tell us about that lunch with Kevin. Are you still friends after breaking up? Any chance he would date your mom?

Gizelle Bryant: Kevin is such a GREAT guy. I was so scared to let him know that Kevelle (Kevin & Gizelle) was over. It is very rare for me to be at a loss for words or not to have a game plan, but I truly did not know how to approach this conversation. However, because Kevin is such a great guy he understood where I was coming from and agreed to being "just friends" (reluctantly). So I guess I freed him up so that possibly he can take his best shot with my Mom. LOL! What do you think of Monique’s new house - and her idea for mirrors on the ceiling?

GB: Monique's new home looks fantastic, great neighborhood, great school district. I'm a girl who LOVES mirrors, so wherever she puts them is a good idea. Ceiling, floors, hallways, closets, the more the better. What do you think of Karen Huger’s new house? What do you think of “re-sizing” as she did?

GB: I'm still very confused about Karen's house. She said for a year that she wanted to "resize" since all of her kids were no longer living with her. That makes perfect sense. So to walk into a humongous, massive monstrosity of a home for two people was alarming. Maybe she wants to live in the same house as the Black Bill Gates but never see him. I never thought Karen would move out of Potomac because she represents it so well. Clearly, I think it's not for me to understand why and where she moved and I'm getting to the point where I just don't care. Karen is Mother Goose who lives in a shoe. The End. How was the party – and that kiss? You seemed skeptical without drinks – do you think Karen was hiding something still, especially with that breakdown?

GB: I live for marriage especially one that has lasted 20 years but I never, ever, want to see Karen and Ray kiss each other again. Ummm, GROSS, yuck, all the way disgusting. I'm happy that there is "intimacy" but I just don't need to see it first hand. Karen's emotional breakdown after hearing her mother's well wishes was touching. I think Karen is having a hard time with her parents health conditions, so I will totally overlook the fact that she lives in the boonies. Tell us your thoughts on Robyn Dixon and Juan’s relationship. Do you think this 6-month trial is a good idea?

GB: I think the Robyn and Juan testing the waters for 6 months is a GREAT idea. They can see if the romance will spark and start dating and loving each other the way they both deserve. Actually, I may plan a romantic date night for them. :-) What’s next for Gizelle?

GB: Gizelle is happy! I just launched EveryHue Beauty and it has been so well received. We have already been picked up by a retail outlet and we are in talks with others. We have been doing pop-up shops all over the country and our website sales have been extremely positive. I am also currently working on my novel which should be complete in the next couple months. When I'm not working I'm or course with my three favorite little ladies and with my NEW man. He is a keeper!

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo