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Five Fun Facts About Gizelle Bryant’s New Boyfriend Sherman Douglas!

During Part 1 of The Real Housewives of Potomac Season 2 reunion, we were introduced to Gizelle Braynt's new boyfriend Sherman Douglas. While he didn't quite make it to the couches, Douglas caught Andy Cohen's attention from the sidelines as he was on set cheering on for Bryant. Learn five fun facts about Gizelle's boyfriend below!

1. He's a former NBA star.

Gizelle said, " He used to play for Miami, Boston, Milwaukee, New Jersey." Sherman also played for the LA Clippers.

2.  His nickname was 'The General' but Gizelle calls him something else.

Fans may know Mr. Douglas as the General of the basketball court, but Gizelle calls him her "Sherm-Sherm." She said backstage in the video shown above, "He's my Sherm-Sherm, he probably doesn't want me to call him that publicly..." Oops, too late, Gizelle!

3.  He's made for #RHOP - He's From D.C.

Although he has traveled all across the country with his basketball career, Sherman started it all in D.C. where he was born.

4.  They met at the gym.

As Gizelle explained in the behind-the-scenes video above, Sherman was attracted to all her assets as he sat behind her in class at the gym.

5.  Gizelle Made the First Move.

Gizelle was the first one to say hi. Their first date? Coffee. Gizelle said, "We went to Starbucks to see if we would even like to have a first date."

Source/Photo Credit: Bravo