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Ester Dee Reveals She Has Reconciled With Her Husband After Cheating Scandal With Fake Fiancé Was Exposed On RHOCheshire — Ester And Husband John Temple Plan To Renew Their Vows Next Year!

As we previously reported, Ester Dee was caught in a faking scandal posing as the fiancee of Rob Lloyd when she joined the fifth season of The Real Housewives of Cheshire while in fact she was secretly married to millionaire John Temple.

It was revealed that Lloyd, was in fact her lover and the father of her daughter. The Czech blonde beauty also lied to her husband John about her illicit affair and her role on the series.

Now that the secret is out, she has revealed that she has reconciled with her husband and that the couple now plan to renew their vows after he showered her with lots of expensive gifts, including a brand new car.

“This has been a learning curve for us, but I know I’m very lucky to have John in my life. He’s very special. We have talked a lot in the last few weeks, and we’ve both done our bit to make things right,” she told The Sun. “The idea now is that I get what I want and he gets what he wants, but we compromise. He has bought me a new Porsche to keep me going, and even though I really wanted a Bentley instead, I said yes to the Porsche. So we are working together.”

“We had a chat about locations, because we spend so much time apart at the moment, and he agreed to pay the rent for a penthouse flat in Cheshire that I love,” she continued. “He is going to come to my place in Cheshire, and I’ll go to his place in Leamington Spa, so that we can go on special dates together and there will be lots of sparkle.”

“He knows now that I can’t have too much time on my hands, or I will go out and have fun. But now when I get offers from men who find it exciting that I like expensive cars, houses and jewelry, I’ll tell them: ‘No thank you very much, I’m married.’”

She went on: “When John asked me why I wanted to cheat, one of the reasons was that we didn’t have a proper wedding, and I didn’t get to wear a white dress. So he has agreed that we can renew our vows in a big traditional ceremony next year.”

“Rob did propose to me, but I don’t think I could have ever married him because he’s too short for me. I could never wear heels with him – John is much taller. That’s important for a woman, because if you wear flat shoes all the time you do feel flat. Now I spend all of my time spinning around in heels.”

“I know that I shouldn’t have been unfaithful, and I won’t be again. But I also think if I hadn’t decided to go elsewhere, John and I wouldn’t still be together.”

Ester, first met John in a strip club in 2008. After dating for three years, the couple were married in a register office in 2015. However, Ester revealed that the reason their marriage began to deteriorate was after they moved from Cheshire to Leamington Spa, for John to concentrate on his business. And as their marriage crumbled, she became close to property developer Rob Lloyd.

Dee and Lloyd carried out a long-term secret relationship, with Ester even giving birth to daughter Bertie – despite telling unsuspecting John she was his.

“After you’ve been married for a while, you get into a routine, and I wasn’t getting what I wanted from John anymore. He never used to say to me: ‘Ester, you look nice.’” she revealed to the publication. “When we were together, he would come home and be silent.”

“But most of the time I was in Wales, and he was in Leamington Spa. And if you give me six days free a week, I’m not going to stay home and knit, I’m going to have fun. The way I saw it, if I was a good girl, I was going to be an unhappy girl. But if I went elsewhere, I could get the companionship that I needed and still stay with John.”

“He always tells me if I want something, I should get off the sofa, and get it. So that’s what I did,” she continued. “People have asked me: ‘Why would you go with a 53-year-old who isn’t tall, dark or handsome?’ But it wasn’t about money or sex, it was companionship. And I wanted a child, so I saw an opportunity with Rob. I know I kicked John badly, but I wanted to. I wanted a reaction, and that’s what I got.”

“I was scared about telling the truth, but I know that John knows what is important in life, so I thought he would realize what he had done wrong and take me back. If he had told me to pack my bags, I would have been standing on my own. But then, there are plenty more fish in the sea.”

The revelation that Ester was cheating on husband John with her so-called fiancé Rob sent shockwaves through the Real Housewives of Cheshire cast, fans and production.

But while Ester admits she was worried about a backlash, she reckoned more of the women watching would relate to her rather than judge her.

She went on: “Plenty of my friends cheat, and they do it for years and years. The only difference is that they don't have the b***s to do it on national TV,” she told The Sun. “So while I was worried, I hoped the audience would be like: ‘Oh, oops, I did that too.’ I hoped they would relate to me, rather than turn against me and I think they have - all of the ordinary people who come up to me in the street are lovely.”

Dee ended her relationship with Lloyd, however, he still sees their daughter, she says John has also agreed to be a dad to her.

“I’m very lucky that my little girl has two dads, because John could have easily said: ‘No thank you, very much’ and walked away from both of us,” she told the publication. “Instead, he said he would bring her up as one of his own children.

“He’s an incredibly kind man, and I am really happy we are still together,” she added. He is my soulmate, and I really hope that things work out between us this time.”

Source/Photo Credit: The Sun