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Charrisse Jackson Jordan: “It’s Sad That Gizelle Feels A Need To Stoop So Low And Continue To Lie About Me”

Charrisse Jackson Jordan is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Potomac. Charrisse Jackson Jordan claps back at Gizelle Bryant's cheating allegations. Check it out! What did you think of Karen's explanation of her move? 

Charrisse Jackson Jordan: Karen's explanation of anything never really quite makes sense. I love how she deflects the real topic by bringing her elderly parents into the equation. Karen knows her parents will not be moving into her home. What is the real reason for selling Karen selling her home? The truth will never come from her mouth. I gave up trying to make sense of Mrs. Huger. What were you thinking when Gizelle kept saying that you had told her you were dating people?  

CJJ: It's sad that Gizelle feels a need to stoop so low and continue to lie about me sharing anything with her about my marriage. We are just not that close. Part of me is angry as hell with her, but another part of me really feels sorry for her. Why would a strong secure woman go through such measures to create a story to hurt a person they call a friend? Clearly a weak insecure woman. ✔️ Got it! Did Gizelle speak to you the day of Monique’s BBQ? Knowing them both, do you, she and Robyn “mean girl” with each other, or does Gizelle affects Robyn’s behavior? 

CJJ: I never spoke to Gizelle prior to Monique Samuels party. Gizelle and I never talk on the phone. Our relationship at this point was still strained. Somehow Gizelle manages to have conversations with me in her head. Why do you think Ashley and others are bringing up your marriage? What were you thinking when this happened? 

CJJ: I have no idea why Ashley continues to bring up my marriage. With the exception of Robyn, no one has had any direct dealings with my ex. I talk to Monique daily but yet you never hear her bringing my marriage into play. When others make comments regarding me going through it as a result of marriage, I find it odd because the people that constantly bring it up, I barely talk to about it. So there's no way for them to have an understanding of anything that's occurring in my life. Did you realize Robyn had made those comments about Ashley and cameras at the end of the episode? What are you thinking watching it now? 

CJJ: I heard Robyn and clearly understood where she was with Ashley...I've been there. I just wish moving forward Ashley would stop making drama and understand that she is dealing with real people and their real lives. Her actions make me question her ability to be a genuine friend.

What do you think about Charrisse’s blog?

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo