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Bravo Producers Reportedly Want A More Diverse Cast On The Real Housewives Of New York City For Season 10!

According to a new report, Bravo producers are looking to add some new flavor on the upcoming tenth season of The Real Housewives of New York CityPage Six reports that an insider close to the show, revealed that the search for a minority cast member is happening.

“After nine seasons, the show’s been very white, and in the most diverse, melting pot of a city,” one insider says of the New York show, adding that Bravo will angle to make the cast more diverse.

“They just shot the reunion — so now is the time [that] they start really looking at what they’ll do with the next cast,” the insider revealed.

Another source close to the cast told the publication: “New York is such a diverse city. The show should definitely reflect that.”

Bethenny Frankel recently said she’s in favor of shaking things up, telling Parade this month: “I would like to see some younger cast members. I’d like to see an African-American woman on the show. I suggested someone who didn’t work out. There are really no Jewish women in the cast. There are also no Asian, Latino or gay women on the show. I’d like it to represent New York more.”

A source revealed that whoever joins for Season 10 will likely be someone already associated with the women on the series.

“Unless you’re famous, you really have to be friends with someone on the show to get cast,” the source said.

Just like Frankel, the publication claims that Luann D’Agostino has also suggested a friend to be a potential new cast member.

Photo Credit: Bravo