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Robyn Dixon Thinks Ashley Darby’s Martial Issues Are No Excuse For Her Bad Behavior!

Robyn Dixon is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Potomac. Robyn Dixon explains her desire to research her ancestry, and why she hopes Ashley Darby's tiff with Michael will help to stop the judgment about Juan. Check it out! Do you think Juan’s desire to be an active father affects to your current living situation as it is to stay together though divorced?

Robyn Dixon: I strongly believe in the strength of two parent households in relation to the development of young children. My children are still very young boys whose lives are way too delicate to gamble with and deserve a loving father figure in the home every day. Juan is a very hands-on father and is very influential in Corey and Carter’s lives. Seeing his involvement in the kid’s daily lives definitely, affects our current living situation and gives me more reason to stay in the house together as co-parents. Our kids clearly are our everything and have always been our motivation for living together, although divorced. Tell us about wanting to look into your ancestry. Does it have anything to do with your clash with Katie Rost last year?

RD: I have always been curious about my ancestry, especially since my mother does not know much about her heritage and, despite her fair skin and fine hair, never knew to be anything other than black. She had heard that she had European ancestry, as well as Native American roots and maybe a little Filipino, but never was sure. I have always been questioned about my race and my answer of "I’m black" usually is met with confused faces of people expecting something more. Most people, like Katie, assume I have a white parent. I can remember being in a third-grade class and the entire class discussion was centered around what race I was. Nobody believed that I was black and could not understand how I did not have a white parent. Although I have never been confused about my culture and identity, I think it would be extremely interesting to know what, if any, other races I am made of. Considering has made comments about your marriage, what is like watching this fight between Ashley and Michael?

RD: I really hate to see married couples fight and argue with one another. And although Ashley has been so vocal about my situation, I did not enjoy watching she and Michael go at it. However, I do hope that after that fight, Ashley now understands that every relationship is unique and has its ups and downs and should only be for the two involved to judge. Whatever decisions she and Michael make about their relationship are for only them to understand. Tell us about confronting Ashley, and her admission that she has been taking her marriage problems out on the ladies at the event.

RD: I am glad that I got the opportunity to express my true thoughts to Ashley without getting worked up. It was very important that Ashley understands that her actions were not perceived as genuine. That was the message that I wanted to deliver to her the week before, but unfortunately, my emotions got the best of me. After hearing Ashley express that she has been taking her marital woes out us ladies, I still did not think that was a good excuse for her behavior. I guess the saying "hurt people hurt people" is true!

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo