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Robyn Dixon: “The Real Karen Huger Has Finally Emerged”

Robyn Dixon is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Potomac. Robyn Dixon dishes on why Karen Huger was anything but the hostess with the mostest. Check it out! Tell us about arriving, the baskets and the first dinner — did you think Karen Huger was being shady towards Charrisse Jackson Jordan on this trip or just being a good host? Who’s the real grand dame?

Robyn Dixon: Going into the Bermuda trip, we were all under the impression that Charrisse and Karen were the hostesses and had worked together to plan an amazing and fun trip for all of the ladies. However, it quickly became evident that Karen and Charrisse were nowhere near being on the same page. I don’t think they were even on the same island! As soon as we landed it was clear that Karen wanted to take credit for this entire trip and was trying to shut Charrisse out. And by the end of the dinner, I gave up trying to make sense of the "who’s the Grand Dame of us all" foolishness! Were you upset with Karen for not inviting you on the sail boat?

RD: I was upset with Karen for not communicating with us about her plans. I appreciate her efforts to help Gizelle and Monique mend their relationship. However, as the awesome host that she thinks she is, Karen should have informed us all of the plans. How does someone appoint themselves in charge of a trip for a group and then make sneaky plans behind half of the group’s back? Karen is one of those people who thinks everyone should live according to some stuffy set of rules, yet makes exceptions for herself and her own behavior. Can you tell us about your decision not to tell Juan about your date assignment? 

RD: I really didn’t know what Juan would think about my dating homework assignment. I just thought it was best to not tell him about it so that I could approach the task with a clear head. Juan likes to be nosy and I could picture him getting a kick out of what I was up to and asking eight zillion questions about my date. So I just chose to avoid any possible opinions, smartass comments, jokes, and questions from him by not telling him what I was up to. What made you decide to confront Karen in her hotel room? What were you thinking during it and How did you feel after the conversation?

RD: For whatever dumb reason, Karen tries desperately to compete with Charrisse to be the grander and more fabulous of the two. So when Karen said that she brought her hairstylist on the trip (after Charrisse told us her makeup artist was in Bermuda), I really did not believe her and wanted to catch her in her lie. But more importantly, I needed to point out to Karen how much of a hypocrite she was for appointing herself the hostess of the trip and then leaving half of the group in the dark with her secret excursion. Karen puts on this huge front that she is so classy and refined and damn near perfect, but it was time to let her know that her sh-- stinks too! What do you think about what Karen said off camera at the end of the episode? Did you know this had happened? 

RD: Oh there she is! The real Karen Huger has finally emerged. That’s the Karen that she doesn’t want the world to see. The swearing, petty, vindictive, and classless Karen let her guard down when she didn’t think anyone was watching.

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo