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RHOMelbourne Star Janet Roach Opens Up About Her Relationship With With Chemist Warehouse Boss Sam Gance!

As we reported last year, Janet Roach is dating Chemist Warehouse boss Sam Gance. Now, The Real Housewives of Melbourne star is giving an update on their relationship, plus - will their relationship be showcased in Season 4 of the Foxtel hit reality series?!

Roach revealed she had originally started dating Gance — who she has known for about 30 years — last February before he gave her “the flick.”

When the pair rekindled their romance in the second half of the year, the reality star said she put in place a number of rules including that she would only see him on one weekday and one weekend day each week.

She revealed with a laugh that they only made it to the bedroom when she felt “pressured” after he had paid for so many of her meals.

Roach signed a deal last year to stock her Raw Essentials tea range in Chemist Warehouse stores — a deal she has said was inked well before her romance with Gance.

She told The Daily Telegraph that Gance doesn't want to appear on The Real Housewives of Melbourne, which is currently filming its fourth season.

Roach also revealed that while she and Gance were happily still together, he was “bossy” with her time and often made plans without consulting her.

Photo Credit: The Daily Telegraph via Julie Kiriacoudis