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RHOCheshire Star Dawn Ward Is NOT Joining Celebrity Big Brother!

It was reported this week that Dawn Ward and 80's pop singer Sinitta were going to face off as the two reportedly signed up to enter the Celebrity Big Brother house. However, Real Housewives of Cheshire star recently denied claims that she will be appearing in the Channel 5 series.

The Daily Star reported that Ward was going to face off with her nemesis Sinitta on the CBB house.

The publication claimed that the 80s pop star signed up to the show weeks ago, before Dawn joined the Channel 5 series this week, knowing full well she’ll come face to face with her nemesis on the show.

“They loathe each other. To say it will be awkward in the house would be a massive understatement,” a show insider told The Daily Star. “Dawn isn’t getting loads of money to take part but she’s not doing it for that. She’s going in to get even.”

“Getting Sinitta and Dawn both in the house is a genius move,” continued the source. “There is genuine anger between the two of them. This could be the biggest bitch fight ever seen on the show.”

The source added: “[Dawn] thrives on confrontation and wants her moment to have it out with Sinitta over being taken to court.”

However, Dawn's publicist slammed the rumors, stating the Real Housewives of Cheshire mom wasn't appearing in the show.

As we previously reported, Sinitta and The Real Housewives of Cheshire star used to be friends but had a toxic fall-out in 2015 over a mutual friend.

During one major showdown, Sinitta allegedly suggested Dawn’s footballer husband Ashley Ward had cheated on her, and Dawn reportedly fired back.

She called Sinitta a “has-been onehit wonder” who was “hanging on Simon Cowell’s coat tails”.

The altercation led to legal action from Sinitta who claimed Dawn physically attacked her. In a two-day trial, Ward was found guilty of common assault and was bound over to keep the peace, reports The Sun.

Photo Credit: ITVBe