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Real Housewives Of Toronto Star Roxy Earle Announces She’s Filming Her Own Reality Show!

While the fate of The Real Housewives of Toronto continues to be a mystery for some, for cast member Roxy Earle, is keeping herself unbothered and busy with her own show. The reality star beauty recently took to social media to announce that she has began filming her own reality show.

"Lola and I are so excited to announce  The Life of Luxurious Roxy has commenced filming #staytuned #LuxuriousRoxy #MySizeRox #RealityTv," she wrote.

Last week it was reported that The Real Housewives of Toronto was not renewed for a second season. The network insisted that the show was not cancelled but they revealed that the show was "put on hold."

“I thought the first season was really fun, but whether we do Toronto again, or maybe even another city, I don’t know,” said programming chief Barbara Williams. “We won’t bring it back right away in the fall. We may take a bit of a break.”

Williams stressed that The Real Housewives of Toronto is not being cancelled but is on “hiatus,” and could be picked up again at a later date.

However, most of the show's cast members are debating the news claiming that the show is not canceled, leaving fans to believe that something may be in the works.

As for Earle, at the moment it's still unknown if Slice is behind her show or if it will be a digital series or what not. Guess we have to stay tuned and find out but we are excited to learn more, we love Roxy!

Photo Credit: Slice