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Lisa Oldfield Hints She And AthenaX Levendi Have Been Fired From The Real Housewives Of Sydney!

As we previously reported, Foxtel is rumored to be making some major casting changes for the second season of The Real Housewives Of Sydney after Bravo rejected to air the series in America for being "too extreme" for viewers. Now, Lisa Oldfield has now hinted that she is on the chopping block thanks to a cryptic post shared to her Instagram page this Tuesday.

The controversial reality star uploaded a GIF depicting a scene from The Simpsons in which Marge discovers that Lisa is missing from her bed.

A post shared by Lisa Oldfield (@lisalocks16) on

Fans immediately took to the comments section to speculate about meaning of Lisa's post, with one writing: "Please tell me that this doesn't mean your leaving housewives."

"No way!! You were the best 1 on the show by far!!!! Or are they cancelling it altogether?" posited another.

In a recent post from Lisa's Instagram, she more or less confirms that she and Athena have been axed from the Foxtel hit reality series.

"Now we've been #dumped from @rhosydney we are branching out to new careers - Athena is a #hairdresser and I'm a #loungesinger," she wrote.

Meanwhile, Lisa's most recent post, the wife of former politician David Oldfield uploaded a GIF that says "Enjoy checking out my ass as I walk away" - along with the post, Lisa captioned the GIF "What will the #haters do without me ? Stay tuned for my next #project," she wrote.

A post shared by Lisa Oldfield (@lisalocks16) on

As for AthenaX Levendi, she has remained silent regarding her role in the upcoming new season of RHOS, however she is recently vacationing in Greece, however she did shared a photo with a camera crew with the caption: "Filming in Athens Greece was great fun ..! Now Let's see if I am in season2 for RHOS!"

According to The Daily Mail Australia, Lisa and AthenaX Levendi will be the ones getting the axe after their on-camera behavior crossed the line on RHOS this year. The Daily Telegraph cites a source as saying that Foxtel's executive-director, Brian Walsh, called a meeting where he expressed his desire to fire the twosome.

"The intensity of the fighting was too much, and these two ladies were at the center of the incidents that went too far," says the source.

Speaking with Kyle and Jackie O on their KIIS FM breakfast show on Friday, the head honcho admitted: "As has been the history with the Real Housewives of Melbourne, we made changes after each season. The new series has some new faces."

He continued: "It wouldn't be a surprise to make changes to Sydney Housewives (but) we haven't had that discussion or made any decisions."

He went on to explain that the show's American edition has a 'magic' formula and that the Sydney installment has not nailed it.

"There's a magic formula and the US gets the balance right. A bit of warmth and humor. Sydney did go over the edge. Some of the behavior did go over the edge."

He added, "Some of the behavior was unacceptable. Some of the women were being nasty just for the sake of being nasty and I don't know if that makes great television."

Photo Credit: Foxtel