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Is Sonja Morgan Still Dating Her New Boyfriend Frenchie?!

This week we were introduced to Sonja Morgan's new boyfriend that she lovingly refers to as "Frenchie" during this week's episode of The Real Housewives of New York City. Lady Morgan confirmed that she's still dating him, that "he's got a lot going on that I like," and that they will soon be reunited in Paris, naturally.

As she's previously revealed, he's 39, he's a hotelier, and he splits his time between NYC and France. She describes him as a “solid citizen” and “fabulous.” And added, "He's everything on the list — except the kid thing."

About that "kid thing," well Sonja shared that she really didn't want to end up getting serious with anyone who didn't already have kids of his own. “I wanted somebody who already had children,” Sonja said. “He says, 'Oh, I don't need to have children.' But then Carole [Radziwill], always being so sensible, goes, 'Oh, he'll want children! Look what happened with Demi Moore 10 years down the road. They always want children.'”

Source/Photo Credit: Bravo