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Eileen Davidson Opens Up About The Struggles Of Reality Television!

Eileen Davidson has been working steady in the acting world, however things changed for her when the daytime actress tried reality television when she joined The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills back in 2014. Davidson admits her experience as an actress didn't help when it came to filming the Bravo hit reality series.

"If anything, it hurt me because I'm used to scripted television which is very controlled," she told Daily Star Online. "When I see cameras I'm thinking everyone's gonna be nice and normal, then s*** hits the fan and it's like, 'Oh my God, how do people do this?'

"I don't get it. It was really jarring the first couple of years. It's still jarring, what am I saying?"

Working full time on two television shows sounds incredibly tiring and Eileen admitted the struggles of her hectic schedule.

"A lot of times I'm getting home late from parties and I've got to get up early for the show, or a lot of the time I have to leave things early because I have to work the next day," she continued. "It's been kind of tricky. It wasn't the first season, because I wasn't working on the acting that much, but now I'm in full story all the time.

"It's a little challenging, I'll be honest. And it's a little exhausting."

The Bravo hit reality series has been renewed for an eighth season though Eileen revealed that no offers have been put out to the women yet.

But is there anyone she wouldn't like to see back? Eileen joked: "You know what, I just won't say anything. I don't think so, maybe whatever differences in the past, being on the show again gives you a chance to work through it.

She added: "That might be really amazing. I try to be positive about these things."

Photo Credit: Bravo