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Council Approves Dawn Ward’s Crème De La Crème Charity Ball Despite Noise Complaints!

Dawn Ward will go ahead with her Creme de la Creme Ball charity event in her property despite initial objections. The Real Housewives of Cheshire star originally was refused a licence to hold her annual charity ball, after concerns were raised about noise from the star-studded bash held inside a marquee on the lawn of Dawn and Ashley’s Warford Hall home.

However, council officials have confirmed that the application has now been approved for the Creme Ball to go ahead on Saturday, September 2.

Dawn reveals that she was in hospital recovering from a hysterectomy operation when the temporary event notice (TEN) application was first discussed by council bosses, and she says that appears to have been the “hiccup” in getting the initial approval.

“I’m absolutely delighted that the ball is going ahead,” she told Manchester Evening News. “The council emailed me when I was in hospital recovering from my operation and that’s why I couldn’t reply, that seems to have been the hiccup.”

Cheshire East Council has confirmed that the application was initially refused because of “insufficient information required in order to grant the licence”, but the information has since been provided and the committee has been able to approve it.

Members of the Great Warford Action Group had lodged a complaint with the council about noise from last year’s event, and council enforcement officer Brenda Lomas raised an objection on behalf of the Environmental Health Service on the grounds of noise disturbance caused to nearby residents, reports the publication.

But the ITVBe reality star has stressed that the event is only held on one night of the year and helps to raise thousands of pounds for charity.

“It annoys me really, I appreciate people get disturbed by the noise because it’s a marquee and you can’t totally sound proof it, but when I see all those poorly children and the difference this event can make, how can anyone complain for one night a year?,” she told the publication. “If I was asked to stay awake all night in the street in the cold to help a sick child I would, this event raises thousands of pounds for sick children so why would anyone want to stop that?”

Dawn originally started the fundraising ball as a thank you to hospital staff who saved the life of her and Ashley’s youngest daughter Aston, now 8, who nearly died after being born prematurely and contracting meningitis.

Money raised from the event this year will go to the Caudwell Children charity.

“Caudwell Children is such an amazing charity, it helps so many children with illnesses,” said Dawn. “I’ve been there - I’ve been told my daughter’s dying and that’s the most horrific thing any parent ever has to deal with.”

“So this event is our way of giving back to others,” she continued. “Instead of complaining about the noise, perhaps those people should buy a ticket to the event and contribute to the charity.”

She added: “It would have been a great shame to not have been able to hold this in Warford Hall as it makes it very nice and personal to share my home with everybody who supports the charity. The ball has always been there, it’s my home, why should I have to move venues when it’s only one night a year?”

Tickets for the September 2 ball, priced from £175 up to £550, are available from event organizers Entertainment Today on 0161 484 0876. For more info on the even CLICK HERE!

Photo Credit: ITVBe