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Charrisse Jackson Jordan Weighs In On Ashley Darby’s Marital Issues: “I Hope The Experience Will Humble Her Tongue”

During last week's episode of The Real Housewives of Potomac, Ashley and Michael Darby were involved in an intense fight over their restaurant Oz, where Ashley even told her hubby that their "marriage will be over" if their restaurant would close.

Now, Charrisse Jackson Jordan is sharing her thoughts on the Darby's relationship and their fight after Ashley admitted that she has taken her frustration on her co-stars by gossiping about their relationships.

“Often when people make it their business to make harsh remarks about everyone’s relationship, but doesn’t say much about their own…… the common factor is almost always trouble in paradise,” Jackson-Jordan exclusively told The Dirty. “Watching Ashley and Michael unfold before our eyes was not surprising to me at all,” she continued.

“I sympathize with Ashley because she is young and naive  and about to learn some real life lessons,” Jackson-Jordan added. “I hope the experience will humble her tongue.”

Photo Credit: Bravo