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Charrisse Jackson Jordan Dishes On The Bermuda Trip Drama With Karen Huger: “Karen Shows The Clear Signs Of An Insecure Woman”

During Sunday night's episode of The Real Housewives of Potomac, viewers saw Karen Huger and Charrisse Jackson-Jordan have some drama over who would be hosting the cast trip this season. Originally, the two planned the trip together, however as viewers saw Huger wasn’t happy that Jackson-Jordan wanted to co-host the trip. Now, Charrisse is sharing her thoughts on the Bermuda trip drama with Huger.

“Karen shows the clear signs of an insecure woman,” Jackson-Jordan told The Dirty. “First stating that she hadn’t invited me to the lunch. Well clearly someone did… I walked in the door with Monique (Samuels)…Duh! At the end of the day if we are truly friends why would my coming to lunch  be an issue? Hmmmm. Insecurity!”

“Further,” Jackson-Jordan continued, “to say I can’t be the co-host was like dealing with a child that is starving for attention. We were planning a girls trip for 6 women not a  huge gala. But we’ve seen firsthand her inability to pull that off so a party of 6 is probably a better comfort zone for her.”

“I’m sensing some hater-syndrome complex coming from Karen,” Jackson-Jordan added. “Hopefully, she can get a cure soon. It really isn’t becoming on her.”

Jackson-Jordan also responded to Huger’s comment that Jackson-Jordan is ‘dry”, stating that, “For Karen to refer to me as ‘dry’ was laughable. Everyone knows the only thing dry about me is my champagne.”

Photo Credit: Bravo