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Bethenny Frankel: “Tinsley Seems To Be A Bit Emotionally Constipated”

Bethenny Frankel is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of New York City. Bethenny Frankel weighs in on her RHONY co-stars' relationships.

Bethenny writes:

"Ramona's apartment looks great. I am very happy for her in her new nesting mode. 

Inviting Tom's ex as yet another "gotcha" ambush certainly lacked class. 

I give it to Luann as hard as anyone, but for god's sake, the woman is married. Let this couple live.

Tinsley seems to be a bit emotionally constipated and kind of needs to take a page out of Elsa's book, and let it go. Being a roommate at 40 in a room full of stuffed animals isn't a cute look, nor is it the path to reviving a retired socialite career. Time to pack it up and pack it in. I do think Tinsley should wear her hair and lashes however she sees fit. She talks a lot about this "abusive" relationship she had, and it seems to, quite frankly, make everyone a bit uncomfortable, because we really don't know her. Her mom seems sweet and Southern—two Southern BFF peas in a pod.

Carole and Adam seem to have "consciously uncohabitated" in a very healthy way. They live in this alternate universe of evolved, non-traditional relationships. I liked watching Dorinda and Carole go to Washington to march with Hannah. We need resident feminists on our show. What a crazy and powerful time in this country. It's also nice to see their relationship evolve.

Sonja Morgan and Rocco: She just isn't that into him. The heart, or some other body part, wants what the heart wants, and, at least for now, it seems to be baguettes over italian sausages."

What do you think about Bethenny’s blog?

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo