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Tinsley Mortimer: “I’m Starting To Get A Vibe Here That Sonja Might Have Some Issues With Me”

Tinsley Mortimer is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of New York City. Tinsley Mortimer comments on Sonja Morgan's negative statements about her.

Tinsley writes:

"Once again my black Herve Leger saved the day! Two years ago, I was invited last minute to Kim Kardashian's Paper Magazine party at Art Basel in Miami and ran to buy the Leger, thinking I would probably never wear it again, since I rarely wear black in Florida. Little did I know a year later I would be hastily moving back to New York and desperate for little black dresses. Imagine after making the faux pas of wearing black to Sonja's colorful Mad Hatter Tea Party, I then make the additional faux pas of wearing a Patricia Bonaldi blush cupcake dress with suede cream Marchesa strappy shoes to Ramona's surprise "Little Black Dress" party. Perhaps I need to read the invitations more carefully!

OK, and for the record, Sonja was not personally pressing my pillow cases, nor do I remember her bringing me salads. Hmmmm! I'm starting to get a vibe here that Sonja might have some issues with me of which I was totally unaware. I always try to let her know how grateful I am to her and tell everyone of her generosity...she KNOWS this! So why does she feel it's necessary to expose or embarrass me to others? Sure do wish she would come to me and not talk behind my back. Why did she say I need a babysitter to Carole? And just because I am living with her, am I now supposed to be serving her drinks? Wait! Did I just move into her townhouse or did I mistakenly join a sorority? This somehow feels like freshman hazing to me!

See you next week!"

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo