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Tinsley Mortimer Doesn’t Like That Sonja Morgan Is Implying That She’s Been A “Bad House Guest Or Critiquing” Her Manners Behind Her Back!

Tinsley Mortimer is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on last week's episode of The Real Housewives of New York City. Tinsley Mortimer talks about the Berkshires and shares her side of the Connor story and her issues with Sonja Morgan.

Tinsley writes:

"I had not seen my mom since Thanksgiving in Palm Beach, so I was very excited when she came to NYC to see me. We are extremely close, so I always love being with her. It was hard to see her tearing up over my dad who died two years ago, but my sister Dabney, my mom, and I still can't believe he's not here.  It might seem strange to some, but we really like having his ashes with our family. We simply are not ready to bury him yet. Dad travels to Palm Beach for the winter and to Newport for the summer with occasional stops in Virginia. It's just nice still having him around. 

Though I adore being with my full-of-life and cute mom, I hate it when she starts in about me finding someone, getting married and having a baby. I know she's worried, because my time frame on the baby issue is narrowing quickly, but I hate feeling pressure about it. Geez! I worry enough about it myself, and when my Mom mentions that she's worried, it just puts enormous pressure on me. I wish that she could relax about it all, but I don't think it's possible.  

Awwww...the illusive Berkshires invite. What can I say?! When I moved into Sonja's, there were two words I heard a lot: the BERKSHIRES!!! Apparently, Sonja was truly hurt not being invited last year and was obsessed about the subject. I honestly felt for her, but having just met Dorinda, I cannot say I wasn't flattered and delighted to get the nod. After hearing so much about it from Sonja, being invited to the Berkshires was like finding Willy Wonka's golden ticket...OR getting invited to the North Pole. I'm seriously convinced Dorinda's day job is being Mrs. Claus, and Blue Stone Manner is actually Santa's work shop. Her house is gorgeous, particularly with the abundance of beautiful Christmas decorations everywhere. I truly felt as happy and secure as when I am in one of my mother's places. first. 

Just when I was feeling really included and welcomed by Dorinda, I discovered that Sonja was once again at odds with me...this time about being late to the Berkshires. I couldn't help being tardy, because I had to have lunch with my mom and some of her friends at Doubles. Why did she care?! I'm trying to hold my temper, but I don't like her implying to the other girls that I have been a bad house guest or critiquing my manners with them and talking behind my back. I really wish she could have been direct with me in the beginning about what she expected. When she lit in to me about Connor, I was clearly stunned. This is what actually happened...

Having returned from the Hamptons, Sonja was tired and wanted to take a nap, as she had said, so I simply asked Connor if he could open the door to the driver who was bringing back the hats I had accidentally left inside his car. I was going out to get something to eat, and I didn't know what time the driver would get there or IF he was even coming that day, but I didn't want the doorbell to disturb Sonja. That is it! I never expected her to react the way she did and imply that I was using Connor, her assistant, therefore taking advantage of her. Sonja has been a generous friend to me by inviting me to stay in New York. The LAST thing I want is for her to feel taken advantage of.  

Anyhow, here we all are at the infamous Berkshires, and I am sick as a dog. Of course! Let's hope I recover in time to enjoy being with the girls, but I'm starting to feel worse."

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo