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The Real Housewives Of Toronto Cast Reveal What They’ve Learned From Their First Season!

The first season of The Real Housewives of Toronto came to an end as the ladies gathered and celebrated  Ann Kaplan Mulholland's vow renewal during last week's season one finale episode. Now, during a recent interview with The Star, the cast of the Slice hit reality series reveal what they've learned about themselves after appearing on the successful reality franchise. Check it out below!

Ann Kaplan Mulholland

What she wishes she knew going in: The Real Housewives has such a big (cult) following — I was very aware of the popularity of it — but not the enormity. I stayed true to who I am — but (had I known how viewers are so absolutely fixated on the characters, details and storylines) I would have definitely worn underwear (said in jest).

What’s to come: More comedy — more fun and living life (every moment) to the fullest (in a public format) — I hope to finish two more books this year — “How to be Successful In Spite of Yourself” and a humorous look at (my) life and “life”

Roxy Earle

What she’s most proud of: I’m sick of being called plus-sized and discriminated for my size. I’ve started the #MySizeRox movement, and what’s come out of this is positive energy and momentum. My focus is to continue to grow the #MySizeRox movement (this hashtag is being used by women on social who are proud of their bodies and curves,) as well as launching my own clothing line, and a modelling career.

What she would change: I wish I had a glam-squad on hand the entire season.

Joan Kelley Walker

What she wishes she knew: Before the show my life was very private. I was not active on social media. It has been a fast learning curve and I love it! The fans are amazing! I love to hear from fans! The support and response has been amazing, I truly appreciate all the love.

Jana Webb

What she wishes she knew: That I would be crucified for drinking wine at a dinner party where wine was served.

What’s to come: Launch of first Joga flagship bricks and mortar in Toronto — and focusing on recovery and rehab from my accident. My goal is to come back stronger than ever.

Gregoriane “Grego” Minot

What she wishes she knew: I wish I knew that sometimes, you shouldn’t give people the benefit of the doubt.

What she would change: Generally speaking, I believe I remained true to myself and to others but if I had to change one thing, I would have spoken my mind more, knowing what I know now.

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The Real Housewives of Toronto is now airing in Australia on Sunday nights at 8:30pm on Foxtel's Arena!

Photo Credit: Slice